Rapberry Picking in Mora, New Mexico

We went Raspberry picking last weekend and we were surprised how much fun we had. Take a look.

Upon arriving you get a small bucket to collect the raspberries. You fill those and at the end they get weighed and you pay by the pound. We paid $6 per pound. Everybody gets a row assigned to pick their berries. We were shown how to properly pick the raspberries off the stems. Tasting is allowed; we tasted A LOT. picmonkey-collage-2

PicMonkey Collage-3.jpgimg_3409img_3447img_3386

After we were done picking we went to the store to pay for our 4 lb we had collected. There was a small shop that served raspberry sundaes. So good!!picmonkey-collageimg_3470img_5348IMG_3478.jpgIMG_3343.jpg

I recommend bringing bug spray and sunscreen.Which we forgot and paid for the next day.

Be sure to check Salman Raspberry Ranch’s website before you go, fields and stores are not always open. They update daily.

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Rapberry Picking in Mora, New Mexico

Desert Child

I have been thinking a lot about what it means to raise children in the desert. It is such a unique experience and one that I never anticipated. I grew up in Germany in a city near a dense forest. Everything was small, green, and urban. New Mexico is almost the opposite. It is vast, brown, you can see for miles and miles, and it is wild. There is hardly any grass, just a sea of rocks. I wonder if the surroundings will affect their views on life. Will they see this world as big and limitless and be eager to discover it?

Bringing Tashi to White Mesa made me realize how much at home she is in this terrain. There was no: “I’m bored, what is there to do?” She immediately started walking and interacting with her surroundings. She could have spend all day there.



She found some chalky rocks and was delighted that she could draw pictures with them. IMG_2011

She decided the rocks would make excellent furniture. Here she is holding a couch, but it looks more like a telephone….IMG_2026IMG_2038IMG_3512

I have been reading a lot about forest pre-schools in Europe. Children spend all day outside in the woods. I guess my children have been going to rock school…

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On :

Pants: H&M

Top: Olive Juice

Vest: Old Navy

Cat Socks: Gymboree

Shoes: Hand me downs


Desert Child

What my 5 Year Old is Wearing 2015

I have a new “What my Tashi is Wearing” post today. Little Tashi recently turned 5, which was a very sad day for me, and ended our family’s 17 years of living with children under the age of 5. It was a big deal. She had THREE separate parties to celebrate!!

Little Tashi is a delight to be with. The whole family realizes she got an extra dose of cuteness and we all adore her. She is also very empathetic and sweet. She is convinced her mama should never go alone anywhere; thus she accompanies me to the most boring places, the grocery store, the pool, the nail salon. All the while being patient and cute.

Currently her favorite things are Lalaloopsies and playing Subway Surfers on my ipad.

Here we go, outfit 1:

outfit 1

Pants: H&M

Shoes: the Gap

Socks: Gymboree

Top: H&M

Poncho: hand me down


The next one has her and her friend in a serious light saber battle (so I was told).

Outfit 2:

outfit 2

Dress: hand me down (originally from Crazy 8)

Socks: Gymboree

Shoes: Hello Kitty Crocs

I’m pretty sure her friend is wearing a Tea dress.

Outfit 3 (where her brother makes an appearance):

outfit 3

Dress: thrifted (originally from Hanna Andersson)

Socks: hand me down

Shoes: Naartijie

Vest: Old Navy


Outfit 4:

outfit 4

Dress: Tea Clothing

Leggins: Old Navy

Shoes: Naartijie

And outfit 5 (with big sister):

outfit number 5

Dress: Tea Clothing (hand me down from Lucy)

Pants: H&M

Socks: Gymboree

Shoes: the Gap

Scarf: H&M

Lalaloopsies: Target

That is all I have. Outfit number 4 is my favorite and we used it in our recent family photo shoot. Pictures coming soon.

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What my 5 Year Old is Wearing 2015

How to Kiss a Frog AW 2014

How to Kiss a Frog is a company from Sweden, who shot their fall 2014 collection on the beaches of England. I love how they pulled off a cowboy and Indian theme on a beach! Take a look.10577094_10152252186590877_5630970989032806826_n 10599432_10152273979095877_7812475948945105706_nHOWTOKISSAFROG-AW-14-dragged-8-e140819216158710565237_10152197254100877_7254360248996810657_nDouble--e1408192445541HTKAF-115-e140819255382155-e1408192632109The floral dress (last picture) is my favorite. But I am also liking the handsome look of the boy’s shirts. Who would have thought you could combine snake patterns with cowboy hats and boots and make it look fabulous?

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All pictures by How to Kiss a Frog



How to Kiss a Frog AW 2014

What My Three Year Old is Wearing this Fall

Do you remember the posts I did last spring with Tasha wearing various outfits? I had so much fun doing it I decided to do a fall edition as well. This time she is mostly wearing hand me downs or items I purchased last year. Here we go…


fall outfit number 1


Pants: Gymboree (purchased last year)

Top: Gymboree (hand me down from big sister)

Vest: thrifted but originally from Calvin Klein

Boots: Gymboree (hand me down from big sister)

Kitty: American Girl


Outfit #2
Fall outfit number 2

Fur Vest: Target (purchased last year)

Top: Thrifted

Tights: Hand me downs but originally from Children’s Place

Shoes: Hand me downs but also from the Children’s Place

Shorts: Target

Outfit #3 is featuring Lucille. She really wanted to get in on this photo shoot. Don’t ask me what we went through to get this girl dressed that day….
Lucille's fall outfit number 1


On Lucille:

Top: the Gap (bought in spring)

Skirt: Mimi and Maggie

Shoes: Naartjie (bought last year)

Jacket: Gap (hand me down from the cousins)


Outfit #4 is also featuring spider girl who made an appearance and was not so nice. Thus the sad face….
outfit number 3


Dress: Gap (bought last spring)

Tights: Gymboree (bought last year)

Boots: Gymboree


Outfit #5
fall outfit number 5Top: H&M (bought awhile ago)

Pants: Gap

Socks: Polo

Converse Shoes: hand me downs from the cousins


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What My Three Year Old is Wearing this Fall

Poppy England Fall/Winter 2013


Children’s fashion to me is as much about the art and creativity as it is about the clothes. Kids are so fun and natural; I find that you can be much more creative with them. With kids you don’t have to take yourself so serious. Poppy England is a perfect example.  Their shoot is fun and quirky and has a story book feel to it. In fact each dress comes with a book about Poppy and Fred’s chocolate shop. The story is also written on the hem of the dresses. How cool is that?!

Take a look.

Poppy-fall-2013-7 Poppy-fall-2013 Poppy-fall-2013-4 Poppy-fall-2013-9 Poppy-fall-2013-3 Poppy-fall-2013-5 Poppy-fall-2013-6


I love how they wrapped the entire shop in brown paper. The make up is too cute! I like how they combined the printed dresses with striped leggings. The yellow tutu in the 4th picture is my favorite.

What do you think? Does this make you want to do your own photo shoot, or is it too much?

Have a great weekend, I can’t wait to see you back here on Monday!



All photos from Poppy England

Pictures found via Smudgetikka



Poppy England Fall/Winter 2013