What My Two Year Old is Wearing this Spring Continued

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How is your week going? This is our last week of school. As we are trying to finish up we are also taking turns being sick. Not a fun thing in a family of 8. Any illness takes weeks to cycle through us. Still I manged to take pictures of a few more outfits of my two year old. You might recall the first 4 outfits I did a couple of weeks ago. I hope you are enjoying this as much as I do. Here we go.

Outfit #5:

outfit #6

Jumper by H&M. I bought it during my last year’s visit in Germany. Necklace from World Market.

Outfit #6:

outfit #7

Top from the Tea company. One of my favorite kid’s clothing companies. They design clothes with my girls in mind: stylish, comfy, and soft. I did a photo shoot with my friend last year with our kids wearing all Tea clothing. Shorts are from Target. Mary Jane shoes are thrifted.

And lastly outfit #7:

outfit #5

Yellow jeans from the Gap. Blouse from Old Navy. Socks from Polo. Sock Monkey from Target.

This little two year old is so much fun! Great news, outfit No. 5 and 7 have been featured in Babiekins magazine here.

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What My Two Year Old is Wearing this Spring Continued

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