Ghost Ranch and Abiquiu, New Mexico

If you are visiting or live in Albuquerque or Santa Fe add this to your list of day trips. It is so worth it. From Albuquerque Abiquiu is about a 2 1/2 hour drive north. From Santa Fe it is only an hour away. The drive up there is beautiful.

Before arriving at the Ranch we stopped at Lake Abiquiu to cool off. It is a small man made lake, which is pretty much all you get in this state. But the water temperature was perfect on this hot day. Come here early on a weekend, it fills up fast in the afternoon. We shared the beach with several large groups.

IMG_2934Version 2IMG_2947IMG_2950IMG_5020

Leaving the lake the ranch wasn’t much further up the road. The drive was stunning.


The famous painter Georgia O’Keeffe owned a small piece of Ghost Ranch. She drew inspiration from her surroundings, going on long walks every day and painting what she saw. Being here it was easy to see how one would be creative living here.


There is a dude ranch on the property. I was told by visitors it was made for the movie City Slickers.

The Presbyterian Church owns the property now. There is a lot going on, plan to spend some time here: scheduled hikes and tours, retreats, different museums; there is a even a pool.


I asked my 12 year old to take a picture of me and my husband. I recently decided to be more intentional to not only take pictures of the kids when we go places but also the two of us.


The view from the parking lot.

We didn’t have time to really explore that day, which gives me an excuse to come back. Maybe stay overnight or participate in a creative retreat…

For us it was the perfect staycation destination. We are pretty much home this whole summer so I am trying to go on interesting day trips. This would also make a great field trip destination with the museums, or the art education.

Have a great day,


I’m wearing…

Dress: Madewell

Hat: Anthropologie

Tote: Madewell






Ghost Ranch and Abiquiu, New Mexico

Old Town Albuquerque Felipe de Neri Church

When my mom was visiting we went lots of places. I really wanted her to experience the rich Spanish and Native American mix of cultures here in New Mexico. It is so unique.

One of my favorite places to experience this culture is Old Town Albuquerque. Here is a photo shoot I did with my two youngest outside of San Felipe de Neri church right by the plaza.

IMG_3293 IMG_1322IMG_3139 IMG_1317 IMG_3137 IMG_1325 IMG_3291 IMG_1327

On Tasha:

Dress: from Mexico

Flower Headband: H&M

On Lucy:

Dress: Old Navy

Gosh I love taking pictures of these two. I have a lot more pictures from this summer to share, hopefully I’ll get around to posting them. School at our house is in full swing and this year I am giving it all my attention, which leaves me with very little time to be creative. But that is OK.

Have a lovely day,


Old Town Albuquerque Felipe de Neri Church

Cedar Crest, New Mexico

A couple of weeks ago Tasha and I hung out in Cedar Crest while my oldest son had a meeting at the Gutierezz Canyon Open Space. He will be doing trail work there this weekend for his Eagle Project. So proud of him! Anyway Tasha and I had some time on our hands, so I decided to take some pictures…





Dress: Tea Clothing
Shoes: Crocs
I was ecstatic to find a field of wild flowers in New Mexico! Imagine that!
Have a lovely day,

All pictures taken with my iphone 5.

Cedar Crest, New Mexico

Winter Wonderland

Last weekend we got the most snow we had in years. The city came to a sort of standstill.


Our property backs up to open space, with a lovely path through cotton wood trees and a small creek that barely ever has water in it. It is kind of magical…

IMG_0256 IMG_0260 winter trees IMG_0290 IMG_0281 IMG_0273 IMG_0280I imagine this is what Narnia might look like, all we need is a lamp post..

Now that we had our snow I look forward to spring.



Winter Wonderland

Winter in my Backyard


Here are some pictures I took in my backyard the other day after it snowed. So beautiful…

IMG_0075 IMG_0070 IMG_0072 IMG_0076Our house backs up to open space. Love the view and thank God that I get to live here…

You haven’t heard from me because I have been busy taking care of my husband. A week before Christmas he slipped on some ice while cycling to work. He ended up needing hip surgery the same day. I picked him up where he fell and took him to the nearest ER. They took him from there to the hospital downtown in an ambulance. It was the first time in our marriage that he was hospitalized. Surgery was around 9pm but he didn’t come to till close to midnight. I remember driving home after midnight in a daze. The whole experience kind of left me traumatized. His recovery is going well, there have been no setbacks. Still it has messed with my sense of security and it was hard managing his recovery, Christmas preparations, and sick children at home. My oldest son Finn really held the home front together that week. He juggled school projects, finals, and sick siblings beautifully, I am so grateful for him. And to friends who brought meals, helped with driving Esther to school, etc.

Now that he is getting better I am starting to make plans for this year. I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions, I just make travel plans. Or plans for visitors, which is just as exiting for me. How about you, any exiting plans for this year? I know some of you have been to Hawaii, Texas, snowy Michigan, sunny Arizona, skiing in Austria, and other places. I love following your adventures!! And some of you had stressful situations like a house fire, loosing a relative, or caring for sick loved ones.  I feel for you!

Have a lovely day,


P.S. On a lighter note: the kids love having their dad around teaching them, and they are wondering if I could go to work, so he could stay home…




Winter in my Backyard

Rain in Old Town Albuquerque

We got some much needed rain this weekend. I shot these pictures on Friday evening at the plaza. We tried to meet up with some friends, have a picnic, and enjoy life music. But everything got canceled due to rain. So I quickly snapped some pictures before we headed to a restaurant nearby. Our house feels really empty this weekend. Three of our kids went camping with the American Heritage troop. I love a quiet house…but after 3 hours it gets kind of creepy! I guess that is why we have a lot of kids, ha!
Got any plans for Memorial Day?
Have a great weekend you guys!

Here are some pictures of sunny Old Town.

Rain in Old Town Albuquerque

Albuquerque: Nob Hill

In my last post I mentioned that we have friends visiting this week. On Tuesday we had a mother daughter date in Nob Hill. Nob Hill is the fun, quirky part of town near the University of New Mexico. Lots of great restaurants, quirky shops, and vintage clothing boutiques. My friends always hit up the Buffalo Exchange in that area, a store that buys and sells clothes. They claim it is one of the better ones in the country, in terms of the amount and quality of clothes they have. Here is my daughter Esther checking out some shoes.


Another favorite is the Flying Star, a local coffee house chain. They have great coffee, and their food is locally grown and organic. I personally go there for the desserts. They are really good!



On our way home we stopped to take some pictures of these quirky homes. People really do live here.


And lastly, a picture I snapped just walking down Central street.

Right across the street from there is my favorite children’s clothing store, Zap…Oh. So next time you are in Albuquerque, make Nob Hill your destination.
Have a great day,

Albuquerque: Nob Hill

Frost Gelato

Have you had God’s gift to the world, also known as Gelato? The owners of Frost Gelato had in on their trip to Italy, fell in love with it, went to Gelato University (yes there is such a thing!), opened up wildly successful stores in Arizona, and now in our city. We had some fine samples when my husband’s co-worker brought some over on super bowl Sunday. He brought about 8 different flavors one better than the other. Yesterday the husband and I finally made to the store.



Goodness, look at that presentation!! I just wanted to eat my way through the whole store…and you kind of can; they let you sample the flavors. I know one thing for sure, I’ll be back soon!
Have a great weekend!

Frost Gelato

Tent Rocks: Family Hike


Tent Rocks is one of our family’s favorite places. It has all the right elements to make it a fun family outing: a 1.2 mile hike through a beautiful, otherworldly canyon, a challenging climb, and rewarding views at the top. We have gone with our kids ranging from baby to teenager and it was always very doable. For instance I typically carry the baby or toddler (whatever we had at the time) on my back, and my husband would assist/carry the second youngest. I would say kids aged 4 and older can pretty much most of the hike with some assistance. Be sure to bring lots of water especially between May and October (it gets hot once you are out of the canyon).

Here are some pictures I took when we went with friends last year.


We went in March. It was cool at the bottom of the trail, but once we were in the canyon it got warmer. So we left some of our jackets and hid them behind some trees. Below is our friend Jenna at the beginning of the trail. You don’t need special shoes, comfortable walking shoes will do.


Our older children typically run ahead and get to the top way ahead of us. The trail is pretty easy to follow, not many opportunities to get lost. However the last part is steep, so I suggest having kids 10 years or younger with an adult or a teenager.
IMG_5915 IMG_5920 IMG_5929

My two oldest making a rare appearance on the blog…IMG_5930 IMG_5955

The canyon is pretty narrow in places, so strollers don’t work.
IMG_5969 IMG_5972 IMG_5990 IMG_5998

Here is the top with miles and miles of views…IMG_6019 IMG_6025

Our friends, Craig and Jenna. Love the pose…

David with Tasha on his back hiking down. I’m not sure if there is a loop. We always come back down the same way we go up.


Lucille was 4 years old when we did this hike. She needed some assistance at times but did pretty well overall.

IMG_6038Tent Rocks is about 40 miles southwest of Santa Fe. You can find updated weather conditions and more info here.

Have a great day,


Tent Rocks: Family Hike