Cedar Crest, New Mexico

A couple of weeks ago Tasha and I hung out in Cedar Crest while my oldest son had a meeting at the Gutierezz Canyon Open Space. He will be doing trail work there this weekend for his Eagle Project. So proud of him! Anyway Tasha and I had some time on our hands, so I decided to take some pictures…





Dress: Tea Clothing
Shoes: Crocs
I was ecstatic to find a field of wild flowers in New Mexico! Imagine that!
Have a lovely day,

All pictures taken with my iphone 5.

Cedar Crest, New Mexico

Spring Break in New Mexico

 How are you doing? Is March really over? Our March was a whirlwind with doctor appointments, another surgery (my son), school testing, a leaky roof, …my head is still spinning. Now we are on spring break and not a day too soon. Usually our spring breaks are pretty awful, windy, and cold. You know those windstorms you have seen in Western movies with tumbleweeds and sand clouds? Yup, those are for real. But this time it’s been quite warm, sunny, and all around pleasant. So I really don’t mind staying home and enjoying this week here.
Above are some pictures from recent outings. So glad our three youngest have decided they like hiking now. And what a pleasant surprise we can actually get on the trail and hiking without turning around for various reasons (like “I forgot to pee”, “I’m too cold”, to name a few). Of course we go nowhere without a five day food supply, but still it’s a huge improvement…
Fun surprise: the middle picture with the cactus was featured by Visit Albuquerque on their website stream.

Have a lovely week and a wonderful Easter!

Spring Break in New Mexico

Bike-In-Coffee along the Bosque Trail in Albuquerque

My favorite place to bike in Albuquerque is the Bosque Trail along the river Rio Grande, as it is the ONLY flat trail around here. 16 miles right by the river. I must add here, you don’t always get a good view of the river, because the area has been left natural and parts of it are wildlife sanctuaries. It is very family friendly, no cars in sight. Though the trail can get packed on the weekend with cyclists, runners, and the occasional inline skater.

IMG_1097 IMG_1098 IMG_0693

What makes this trail even better is the fact that there is a Bike-in-Coffee easily accessible, near the southern end of the trail (Montoya st.) Bike in Coffee is a little trailer that sits on Old Town Farm. Old Town Farm also operates as a horse facility and a produce farm. You can see the stalls behind my husband and the bikes.

IMG_0710 IMG_0698

I’d like to add here that the food coming out of this little trailer is superb. Items on the menu are made with freshly picked ingredients from the farm. We tried the mini quiche and their and the scones, and we kept coming back for more. It was packed with flavor, melt in your mouth kind of food. I read on their website that they offer lunches, too. I can’t even imagine…IMG_0708 IMG_0699

Here is a pump and repair station for your bikes. How cool is that?IMG_1101

There are several places to sit and eat. We sat near the vegetable garden and then later realized that there was a beautiful shaded area.IMG_0704 IMG_1100


Bike in Coffee is open on the weekends and can only be accessed by bicyclist or hikers.  I highly recommend this place for your next bike ride.

Have a great day,



Bike-In-Coffee along the Bosque Trail in Albuquerque

Rain in Old Town Albuquerque

We got some much needed rain this weekend. I shot these pictures on Friday evening at the plaza. We tried to meet up with some friends, have a picnic, and enjoy life music. But everything got canceled due to rain. So I quickly snapped some pictures before we headed to a restaurant nearby. Our house feels really empty this weekend. Three of our kids went camping with the American Heritage troop. I love a quiet house…but after 3 hours it gets kind of creepy! I guess that is why we have a lot of kids, ha!
Got any plans for Memorial Day?
Have a great weekend you guys!

Here are some pictures of sunny Old Town.

Rain in Old Town Albuquerque

Out of the Blue Toy Store

Last post I told you about our birthday marathon. Well, my kids are not the only ones having birthdays. Last week I went shopping for 3 parties. Chances are, you are, too. To save time and money I often pick up gifts while I’m out shopping at Target or Costco. But every once in a while I’ll make a special trip to my favorite toy store here in town: Out of the Blue. They have a great toy selection for the 11 and younger crowd.





They have some vintage toys, too.

And lots of science experiments kits.

My kids love going there, because of the play tables. They just plant themselves there and play for a long time, which gives me extra time to shop.

I like the friendly service and the fact that they wrap all your presents for free. Oh, and they do have a large collection of Ravensburger puzzles and Pappo figures.
Do you have a favorite toy store? Does it take you back to your childhood? Or do you do your shopping mostly online?
Have a wonderful day,

Out of the Blue Toy Store

My Favorite Time of the Year

I still remember my first October in New Mexico. My sister was visiting me from Germany and the two of us planned a day trip to Santa Fe.  Albuquerque was half way between the small town where we lived and Santa Fe. Imagine our surprise when we were driving through Albuquerque and we saw this:

DSC02091 DSC02099Balloons everywhere, right above the road. Really close. We had no idea that we were driving through the biggest balloon event in the world…

I found out later all about it and made sure we were there the following year. Here are some of my favorite pictures from past years.

this shot is for Aydan here comes the sun DSC02081 IMG_1738


We are not planning on going this year, but here is my recap from last year.

This morning I took the girls for a drive to get some close up views of the balloons. I never get tired of it.

Have a lovely day!



My Favorite Time of the Year