My Favorite Time of the Year

I still remember my first October in New Mexico. My sister was visiting me from Germany and the two of us planned a day trip to Santa Fe.  Albuquerque was half way between the small town where we lived and Santa Fe. Imagine our surprise when we were driving through Albuquerque and we saw this:

DSC02091 DSC02099Balloons everywhere, right above the road. Really close. We had no idea that we were driving through the biggest balloon event in the world…

I found out later all about it and made sure we were there the following year. Here are some of my favorite pictures from past years.

this shot is for Aydan here comes the sun DSC02081 IMG_1738


We are not planning on going this year, but here is my recap from last year.

This morning I took the girls for a drive to get some close up views of the balloons. I never get tired of it.

Have a lovely day!



My Favorite Time of the Year

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