What My 7 Year Old is Wearing this Summer


I have a new post about Tashi’s latest outfits. She still lets me dress her, kind of. Let’s just say we work together, and every once in a while she let’s me pick an outfit.

Outfit number 1:

The first on is one of those “could you please wear this just for today”outfits.

I bought this dress in Mexico, but it’s not super comfortable. However it is perfect for the New Mexico heat, and for photo shoots. I love the embroidery.

Dress: from a market in Cancun

Espadrilles: hand me down from big sister, but originally from Old Navy

Bag: Cath Kidston (hand me down)

Stuffed Animal: Birthday present from her friend

Outfit number 2:

It’s the “let’s go to the lake, beach, or pool” outfit.

Romper: Old Navy

Sandals: Target

Hat:Baby Gap

Outfit number 3:

She wears this on repeat. She has had the skirt for years and insists “it still fits great, mom!”. Of course one wears bike shorts underneath, because “you just don’t show your underwear!”.

Skirt: Mimi and Maggie (old collection)

Shirt: Zara

Sandals: Gymboree

BFF bracelet: gift from her friend

Outfit number 4:

Where her big brother makes an appearance.

Shirt: bought in Germany by her Oma

Shorts: hand me down from big sister, but originally Old Navy

Hat: Baby Gap

Outfit number 5:

Let’s talk about H&M’s $5 dresses. They are the best! So cheap, so versatile. You can wear legions under them in the fall. This one was a life saver for the two funerals we attended this summer. It’s actually blue, but you can’t really tell. She wears this all the time including on her first day of school last week (top left).

Dress: H&M

Sandals: Target

Outfit number 6:

It’s till hot here, but soon the days will get cooler. I hope!!! Panda bears are her favorite, so I was thrilled to find the leggins at Target. Back in spring when I was in LA I found these shirts at Zara for like $5. They are longer in the back. Perfect for kids that wear nothing but leggins. I got one for each of my girls.

Leggins: Target

Shirt: Zara

Jacket: hand me down from Lucy, bought at H&M.

Boots: Target

That’s it. Thank you Tashi, for still letting me dress you, and being forever patient. And for never wanting to move out.

Have a lovely day,


What My 7 Year Old is Wearing this Summer

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