Caramel Baby and Child

Hi there,

Drooling over kid’s fashion is a happy diversion for me. It has been ever since I found out about Oilily many many (I won’t tell you how many) years ago. I couldn’t believe how creative and stylish kid’s clothes could be. Recently through Pinterest I found bloggers who inspire daily with new children’s collections. Smudgetikka is one of them. The pictures below are from her blog.

How about that adorable baby with the gnome hat? My favorite is the girl (3rd picture from top) with the folklore shirt. I have been watching too many Sherlock series lately, so the boy’s hat hits the spot. So does the girl wearing green tweed sporting a Miss Marple look.

Caramel Baby and Child is a British company (of course) that blends a timeless tailored look with  quirky, modern touches.

You can find other children’s fashion I have been pinning here.

Have a great day!


Caramel Baby and Child

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