If you plan on visiting Sedona, do it in the fall. It is not too hot, and the colors are pretty. Sedona is nestled in a valley. We started from the north, thus getting beautiful views of the valley from the top (see above).

As you drive down into the valley you will see a wall of rocks for miles. A river runs parallel to the highway, and there are lots of camping spots along the way.

This at the bottom of the valley. You can park here and go on long or short hikes. Nearby here is also the center of Sedona, with lots of touristy shops, restaurants, and hotels. I found Sedona much bigger than I expected. If you camp near the center you can mountain bike or hike right from the town. Be aware that you must secure a camp site down there months in advance, they fill up quickly.My husband got a shot of me taking pictures.

We didn’t have much time as we were driving through on our way to Phoenix. I will be back soon for sure. My husband has taken his Boy Scout troop there several times. They go mountain biking, and then cool of in the river at Slide Rock. You can rent bikes and fuel up on coffee at BikesNBeans.

How about you, have you been here? How long would you recommend staying?



3 thoughts on “Sedona

  1. Amy Wagler says:

    We went summer 2011 (just before visiting you!). Loved Sedona and DID NOT stay long enough! I would want to stay at least 3 or 4 days and up to a week for a full vacation. Especially with older kids, it is a great spot for the fall.

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