Winter in the Desert


We have had a bit of snow lately and I am always in awe how beautiful the high desert is in the winter. Nearby us is a Bosque del Apache, a National Wildlife Refuge. Thousands of birds descent on it every year.  One photographer who has captured this event beautifully is our friend Sam Mulder. He is a father of four, scientist and a home-school dad, who does wildlife photography in his spare time. Take a look.


PicMonkey Collage

MG_2761 IMG_5943

He goes to the Bosque several times a year trying to photograph and then  catalog all  the wildlife that lives there. One time he took my oldest son who helped him spot a few animals. What an opportunity for my son to see what it takes to be a wildlife photographer. There is a  lot of hiking involved, and patience.

If you come to New Mexico in the wintertime, make Bosque del Apache one of your destinations. Stop by at Buckhorn and eat their famous green chili cheeseburger in San Antonio (NM) on the way (call first to make sure they are actually open). The best times to be visit the Bosque is at sunrise or sunset.

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Winter in the Desert


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how was your weekend? Did you try to squeeze in as much fun as you can before school starts up again? My kids certainly did. Thanks to dear friends they got to go ice skating twice and sledding. Here are some pictures my 11 year old daughter took when she went sledding. I must say this girl takes some good pictures.

sledding one

sledding 2

The picture of the girl is Esther’s good friend. Looking at these pictures makes me sad I missed it. I did make it into the mountains once, I’ll share pictures soon.

Have a lovely day, and good start back to school!





If you plan on visiting Sedona, do it in the fall. It is not too hot, and the colors are pretty. Sedona is nestled in a valley. We started from the north, thus getting beautiful views of the valley from the top (see above).

As you drive down into the valley you will see a wall of rocks for miles. A river runs parallel to the highway, and there are lots of camping spots along the way.

This at the bottom of the valley. You can park here and go on long or short hikes. Nearby here is also the center of Sedona, with lots of touristy shops, restaurants, and hotels. I found Sedona much bigger than I expected. If you camp near the center you can mountain bike or hike right from the town. Be aware that you must secure a camp site down there months in advance, they fill up quickly.My husband got a shot of me taking pictures.

We didn’t have much time as we were driving through on our way to Phoenix. I will be back soon for sure. My husband has taken his Boy Scout troop there several times. They go mountain biking, and then cool of in the river at Slide Rock. You can rent bikes and fuel up on coffee at BikesNBeans.

How about you, have you been here? How long would you recommend staying?