Artist: Makoto Fujimura

OlanaMatthew6M-505x630Hi there,

One of my favorite artists is Makoto Fujimura. On top of being an accomplished international artist he is also a writer, speaker, and this is rare for Christian artists today, a cultural shaper. He trained in Tokyo and became a National Scholar in Nihonga (Japanese-style painting). Take a look.




His paintings are so serene, yet full of expression and beauty. If I could ever afford his art I would buy the painting on top, Olana,  and I would stare at it for hours. He used real gold for some of his paintings. You can find all of his work here.

I think I’m going to encourage my kids to paint today.


Paintings featured from top to bottom:

Olana, Mathew Six

Golden Fire

Charis-Kairos, The Tears of Christ

Soliloquies, Genesis

John, In the Beginning

Artist: Makoto Fujimura

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