Little Hobbits

_MG_8344I’m exited to share Emily Mulder’s recent photo story with you. I love everything about it, the styling, the setting, the capes… who doesn’t dig little Hobbits?! Take a look.

_MG_8306 _MG_8318_MG_8276 _MG_8320 _MG_8304 _MG_8307 _MG_8287 _MG_8283 _MG_8323

So sweet! Even better, all the capes and costumes were handmade by Emily herself.



Photo Story,styling, and costumes by Lonely Mountain Photography.




Little Hobbits

Flannery O’Kafka

Hi there,

The fun part of blogging is coming across talented artist, who use their faith to inform their art. Andrea, known as Flannery O’Kafka,is one of them. She is a photographer who lives with her husband and five (yes!) children in Glasgow. I have been fortunate to get to know her a little bit through e-mail. She is one of those people I can converse with for hours and never run out of topics. I had a hard time selecting only a few pictures of her pretty impressive collection of children’s photography. She does photos shoots for magazines and children’s clothing designers. Take a look.







untitled+(22+of+138)Novalee+(15+of+49)My favorite subjects are her son Hugo and daughter Olive (third and fourth picture). Hugo has the most amazing eyes…and Olive reminds me of my spunky toddler girls.

I like her styling, composition, and her ability to tell a story.

Have a lovely day,


Flannery O’Kafka

Celebrating 100 Days of School


how is your schooling going? Are you close to the 100 day mark? Do you have a big party to celebrate? When my oldest went to private school, the 100th day of school was a big deal. I’m sad to tell you, when I school the kids I get so busy that organizing a party seems like way too much work. So when my friend Mimi invited me over to celebrate I was thrilled.

Here are some ideas my friend came up with to get you started on your party.

  • Count 100 pennnies
  • Make little round cakes, shape them into the number 100 and then decorate with 100 m&m’s
  • Make a paper crown and add 100 stickers
  • Take 100 steps on your balancing beam (if you happen to have one in your house)
  • Swing a hula 100 times
  • Jump 100 times on the trampoline

It was a fun party and a fun way to break from the school routine.


Celebrating 100 Days of School

Artist: Makoto Fujimura

OlanaMatthew6M-505x630Hi there,

One of my favorite artists is Makoto Fujimura. On top of being an accomplished international artist he is also a writer, speaker, and this is rare for Christian artists today, a cultural shaper. He trained in Tokyo and became a National Scholar in Nihonga (Japanese-style painting). Take a look.




His paintings are so serene, yet full of expression and beauty. If I could ever afford his art I would buy the painting on top, Olana,  and I would stare at it for hours. He used real gold for some of his paintings. You can find all of his work here.

I think I’m going to encourage my kids to paint today.


Paintings featured from top to bottom:

Olana, Mathew Six

Golden Fire

Charis-Kairos, The Tears of Christ

Soliloquies, Genesis

John, In the Beginning

Artist: Makoto Fujimura