Flannery O’Kafka

Hi there,

The fun part of blogging is coming across talented artist, who use their faith to inform their art. Andrea, known as Flannery O’Kafka,is one of them. She is a photographer who lives with her husband and five (yes!) children in Glasgow. I have been fortunate to get to know her a little bit through e-mail. She is one of those people I can converse with for hours and never run out of topics. I had a hard time selecting only a few pictures of her pretty impressive collection of children’s photography. She does photos shoots for magazines and children’s clothing designers. Take a look.







untitled+(22+of+138)Novalee+(15+of+49)My favorite subjects are her son Hugo and daughter Olive (third and fourth picture). Hugo has the most amazing eyes…and Olive reminds me of my spunky toddler girls.

I like her styling, composition, and her ability to tell a story.

Have a lovely day,


Flannery O’Kafka

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