Family and Oranges


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how was your week? Ours has been lovely. My husband’s parents and my nephew are here visiting. Our week has been full with snuggles, baking together, cooking together, and yummy, juice oranges. My mother in-law always remembers to bring or send oranges from their tree in California. Living in New Mexico we don’t always get the best produce. The oranges we have been buying here are rather dry and tasteless. So needles to say we have been feasting on orange loveliness. She also brought lemons, and yesterday she and my 11 year old baked lemon bars. I mean mouth watering lemon bars.

Now I’m looking forward to the weekend. Plans are to got to Santa Fe to a favorite New Mexican restaurant. We love to eat, can you tell???

Have a lovely weekend, see you back here next week.


Family and Oranges

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