Chalk Fun

chalk painting


You know that time of the day, when your kids should be heading to bed, but it has just gotten cool enough to go outside, and all of a sudden they are enthralled in some major creative activity….And you have a hard time stopping them, because for once everybody is getting along, happy, and content.

My favorite time of the day.


Chalk Fun

Stylin’ in Poland

I recently found Porridge with Milk, a beautiful blog from Poland. Check out how this mom captures her stylish girls.


Top- nosweet (a new to me Polish brand)

Shorts- Kids on the Moon (also from Poland)

Sneakers- Zara

Sunglasses- Gap


Dress- nosweet

Sneakers- Zarazdjc499cie2

Dress- DKNY

Headband-Okaidizdjc499cie-4Vest-Petit by Sophie Schnoor

Dress- Mini Rodini

I’m always thrilled to find out about quality children’s clothing. Even more thrilled when they are made in Eastern Europe, a part of the world that used to be oppressed under Communism and is now flourishing with creativity.


Stylin’ in Poland

Flannery O’Kafka

Hi there,

The fun part of blogging is coming across talented artist, who use their faith to inform their art. Andrea, known as Flannery O’Kafka,is one of them. She is a photographer who lives with her husband and five (yes!) children in Glasgow. I have been fortunate to get to know her a little bit through e-mail. She is one of those people I can converse with for hours and never run out of topics. I had a hard time selecting only a few pictures of her pretty impressive collection of children’s photography. She does photos shoots for magazines and children’s clothing designers. Take a look.







untitled+(22+of+138)Novalee+(15+of+49)My favorite subjects are her son Hugo and daughter Olive (third and fourth picture). Hugo has the most amazing eyes…and Olive reminds me of my spunky toddler girls.

I like her styling, composition, and her ability to tell a story.

Have a lovely day,


Flannery O’Kafka

Dressed for the Holidays



It’s one week till Christmas! Are you ready? My kids are uber exited. Everyday new packages arrive in the mail, mostly from their grandparents.

I thought I’ll share some outfits we will be wearing on Christmas or over the holidays. My friend Emily did this photo shoot with us a couple of weeks ago. I posted some of those works of art  here.

For a photo shoot I try to see what we own already and buy as little as possible. I only bought Ella’s dress, cape, and hair pin,  and Esther’s dress and shoes recently. Everything else we either bought previously, got as hand-me-downs from our stylish cousins, or we thrifted. My jacket and Tasha’s red shoes were thrifted for example.

First up is Ella. Her dress and cape are from the Gap. Her shoes are from the Children’s place, tights are hand-me-downs. Her hair pin is from a local hobby store.



Next is Shane. The shirt is from H&M, jeans are from Old Navy. Pistol is from Cracker Barrel.


Next up is Finn. Finn always wears the same clothes so it is very likely he will wear this outfit from now until summer, unless he manages to grow out of it again. Top is from the Gap and pants are Levis.


Lucy is wearing all hand me downs except for her shoes and hair pin. The dress is from Gymboree, and the blouse from Ralph Lauren. The hair pin from Hobby Lobby, and the shoes from the Children’s Place.


Natasha is wearing pants from Carters, white top from Old Navy, and a tunic from Tea. The shoes are thrifted.

i-VDmMvgH-XLEsther’s dress is from Target, cardigan from Old Navy.


I’m wearing Levi’s skinnys (never thought I would be brave enough), top from Anthropologie, jacket from Talbot, boots from Merrel. I bought the buffalo leather bag decades ago in Frankfurt.This is the first pair of boots I have bought (other than snow or hiking boots). I bought rain boots to justify the purchase in case I didn’t wear them enough. Well, I wear them all the time. They dress up every outfit.



I will be posting Christmas pictures soon. I’m amazed how they turned out thanks to Emily. All pictures were taken behind our house.


Dressed for the Holidays