Benetton Fall Winter 2013

autumn13_kid_look_28This year’s fall collection by Benetton caught my eye because of the pig they used for their photo shoot. My 7 year old Ella LOVES pigs. You might say she is pig obsessed. Take a look.

autumn13_toddler_look_04autumn13_toddler_look_09 autumn13_kid_look_11 autumn13_kid_look_60 autumn13_kids_militarychic_06

autumn13_toddler_look_08I’m liking the combination of stripes, stars, neon, and the military boots (taking me way back to my Doc Marten days). Add a little bit of fluff and frills, perfect!

You can find last year’s fall collection here.

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Benetton Fall Winter 2013

H&M Back to School Tops for $5

Have you done your school shopping yet? If not consider H&M, they have a lot of cute tops for just $5 each.  Take a look.

This is just a sample there is much more on their website. My girls would love the butterfly or the bunny top.

If you are not familiar with H&M I would describe it as the Swedish version of Old Navy. It is a one stop shop for the whole family with different styles (trendy, athletic, classic). Just like Old Navy their quality is hit or miss. But their children’s clothes tend to be pretty good quality in my experience.

To my Chicago readers, I am jealous, cause you guys have a store in the city!

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H&M Back to School Tops for $5

Vacation Outfits for Tweens

My sister in law is graciously flying my 12 year old to California to spend two weeks with them. My Esther is sooo exited! They live about an hour and a half away from the beach and half an hour from the beautiful Napa valley. I imagine they will make one trip to the beach and a trip to Napa. But mostly they will hang out at home, at the pool, or at their grandparent’s house. Here is what I thought might be useful for going to the beach or pool.

Gap is having a great summer sale right now. Number 2, 3, and 4 are from the Gap. Number 1 and 5 are from H&M.

The next outfit would be great for a Sunday afternoon in Napa.

Gosh, she would look cute in this outfit. The dress, shoes, hat, and  tote are from Zara. Zara is having a great summer sale right now as well.

I will miss her like crazy but I’m glad she gets to spend time with her cousins.

I’m a little nervous about her flying all by herself. She has flown without us before, but she always had her older brother or cousins with her.

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Vacation Outfits for Tweens

Stylin’ in Poland

I recently found Porridge with Milk, a beautiful blog from Poland. Check out how this mom captures her stylish girls.


Top- nosweet (a new to me Polish brand)

Shorts- Kids on the Moon (also from Poland)

Sneakers- Zara

Sunglasses- Gap


Dress- nosweet

Sneakers- Zarazdjc499cie2

Dress- DKNY

Headband-Okaidizdjc499cie-4Vest-Petit by Sophie Schnoor

Dress- Mini Rodini

I’m always thrilled to find out about quality children’s clothing. Even more thrilled when they are made in Eastern Europe, a part of the world that used to be oppressed under Communism and is now flourishing with creativity.


Stylin’ in Poland

What My 2 Year Old is Wearing This Spring


I had fun doing this post. I really enjoy styling and shooting kids. Especially when they are still at an age where they let me. Hope you’ll like it.

Here is Tasha’s outfit #1:

Outfit number 1

Top is from Okie Dokie. Apparently that is a JC Pennies brand. I got it at a used children’s store called Other Mothers. This is where I trade in clothes all the time.  Yellow jeans bought on sale from the Gap.

Outfit #2

Outfit #2Do you see how much fun this is??

Here Tasha is wearing a dress from the Gap (recently bought on sale, of course). The socks are hand me downs probably gone through 10 kids by now…

Outfit #3:

Outfit #3Pants and top from the Gap. I like that the pants are stretchy and have cute pockets in the back.

Outfit #4 for Mother’s Day or other special occasions:

Outfit #4

The dress is from Old Navy handed down from Lucille. The shoes are also hand me downs, bought at Target.

Looking at these pictures explains why she is so popular among her siblings…pretty darn cute! Great news, outfits number 1, 2, and 3 have been featured in Babiekins magazine, my favorite children’s fashion website. You can find it here.

You guys have a lovely weekend!

I’ll see you back here next week.


What My 2 Year Old is Wearing This Spring

Dianne von Fuerstenberg’s Collection for Gap Kids

Happy first day of May!! I hope it is as bright and sunny for you as it is in New Mexico…

The latest Dianne von Fuerstenberg collection for the Gap caught my eye, and I thought it might perfect for the month of May, when the weather is hopefully beginning to warm up…

Take a look.

921667_10151571746074725_2087983764_o 920930_10151571745999725_929360860_o 466883_10151571746079725_718260451_o 36556_10151571746214725_1046988872_n 461479_10151571746309725_166307518_o 67520_10151571746024725_53586539_n

I love everything about this, the bright, geometric prints, the creative styling and props.

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Dianne von Fuerstenberg’s Collection for Gap Kids