Bennetton Kid’s Fall Collection

Hi there,

It was so much fun doing the fashion shoot with my friend Emily. I noticed I am on a roll as far as fall fashion goes. Largely because the collections I have seen are just so good this year. Also because there are some European companies I would like to introduce you to you might not be familiar with. Benetton from Italy is one of them. If you grew up in Europe, Benetton is an old hat. Frankly, I haven’t always liked them. At times they were too poppy for me, and too much the same year after year. However their kid’s fall collection won me back. I appreciate the art they put into it. And I guess I like the Italian take on British style. Take a look:

What do you think? I appreciate when a company understands that not every parent wants their tween to look like a rock star or a skater.

Have a great day!


Bennetton Kid’s Fall Collection

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