Vacation Outfits for Tweens

My sister in law is graciously flying my 12 year old to California to spend two weeks with them. My Esther is sooo exited! They live about an hour and a half away from the beach and half an hour from the beautiful Napa valley. I imagine they will make one trip to the beach and a trip to Napa. But mostly they will hang out at home, at the pool, or at their grandparent’s house. Here is what I thought might be useful for going to the beach or pool.

Gap is having a great summer sale right now. Number 2, 3, and 4 are from the Gap. Number 1 and 5 are from H&M.

The next outfit would be great for a Sunday afternoon in Napa.

Gosh, she would look cute in this outfit. The dress, shoes, hat, and  tote are from Zara. Zara is having a great summer sale right now as well.

I will miss her like crazy but I’m glad she gets to spend time with her cousins.

I’m a little nervous about her flying all by herself. She has flown without us before, but she always had her older brother or cousins with her.

Have a great day,


Vacation Outfits for Tweens

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