What My 2 Year Old is Wearing This Spring


I had fun doing this post. I really enjoy styling and shooting kids. Especially when they are still at an age where they let me. Hope you’ll like it.

Here is Tasha’s outfit #1:

Outfit number 1

Top is from Okie Dokie. Apparently that is a JC Pennies brand. I got it at a used children’s store called Other Mothers. This is where I trade in clothes all the time.  Yellow jeans bought on sale from the Gap.

Outfit #2

Outfit #2Do you see how much fun this is??

Here Tasha is wearing a dress from the Gap (recently bought on sale, of course). The socks are hand me downs probably gone through 10 kids by now…

Outfit #3:

Outfit #3Pants and top from the Gap. I like that the pants are stretchy and have cute pockets in the back.

Outfit #4 for Mother’s Day or other special occasions:

Outfit #4

The dress is from Old Navy handed down from Lucille. The shoes are also hand me downs, bought at Target.

Looking at these pictures explains why she is so popular among her siblings…pretty darn cute! Great news, outfits number 1, 2, and 3 have been featured in Babiekins magazine, my favorite children’s fashion website. You can find it here.

You guys have a lovely weekend!

I’ll see you back here next week.


What My 2 Year Old is Wearing This Spring

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