Celebrating 100 Days of School


how is your schooling going? Are you close to the 100 day mark? Do you have a big party to celebrate? When my oldest went to private school, the 100th day of school was a big deal. I’m sad to tell you, when I school the kids I get so busy that organizing a party seems like way too much work. So when my friend Mimi invited me over to celebrate I was thrilled.

Here are some ideas my friend came up with to get you started on your party.

  • Count 100 pennnies
  • Make little round cakes, shape them into the number 100 and then decorate with 100 m&m’s
  • Make a paper crown and add 100 stickers
  • Take 100 steps on your balancing beam (if you happen to have one in your house)
  • Swing a hula 100 times
  • Jump 100 times on the trampoline

It was a fun party and a fun way to break from the school routine.


Celebrating 100 Days of School

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