Australian Kid’s Fashion: Oobi

Hi there,

How was your week? Is everybody settling back down to a normal routine? I was surprised how easy it was for my kids to go back to their school schedule. I expected it to be harder after two weeks.

It’s been cold where we live and I imagine it is not much better where you are. Here are some pictures to warm you. Australia is in the middle of summer right now. Did you know that there is a vibrant array of Australian kid’s fashion? I had no idea, but then, I have no idea what goes on in Australia in general.

Take a look.

Oobi-SS-13b Oobi-SS-13aI like how Oobi (great name by the way) combines elegant with playful. The blue tutu is pretty sweet, and how about the strawberry dress with matching hat and purse?

Australian kid’s fashion has made it on my favorite list for sure.

Have a wonderful weekend, see you back here on Monday.




Australian Kid’s Fashion: Oobi

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