I would like you to meet Shane, my 10 year old. He is the last person of our family you will meet, if you meet him at all. As my life is filled with a lot of high maintenance, strong willed, chatty girls, I truly enjoy this one in all his boyness! Lizard catching, puddle jumping, spying, bike jumping, or lazily lounging around reading Calvin and Hobbes. His life is so amazingly simple, I envy him. All he needs is milk, legos, Minecraft, and his two best friends. His life revolves around a 1 mile radius. The grocery store to the west and  to the east open space with a creek and hiking trails. You will hardly ever see him on my blog or in my Instagram feed. He has no need to be known or liked. But I want you to know he exists. So content it hurts. He fills my life with adventure and silliness. And he keeps me restocking the bandage supplies. I mourn the day he grows and stops playing. The day when I am no longer the most important person in his life. So I write this to freeze time. To capture the memories and lock them in a safe place. For him and myself as he has expressed worry about the day he no longer wants to play.

Lately he has been entertaining the idea of visiting his grandparents in California. He has been told the cuisine would be bland and predictable (as he prefers it) and there would be frequent trips to the Lego store.


Picture taken by Emily


7 thoughts on “Shane

  1. Jenny says:

    Beautiful! Makes me remember Josh and Jeremy when they were small. Yes, the time does fly away from you. Thanks for sharing!

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