Out of the Blue Toy Store

Last post I told you about our birthday marathon. Well, my kids are not the only ones having birthdays. Last week I went shopping for 3 parties. Chances are, you are, too. To save time and money I often pick up gifts while I’m out shopping at Target or Costco. But every once in a while I’ll make a special trip to my favorite toy store here in town: Out of the Blue. They have a great toy selection for the 11 and younger crowd.





They have some vintage toys, too.

And lots of science experiments kits.

My kids love going there, because of the play tables. They just plant themselves there and play for a long time, which gives me extra time to shop.

I like the friendly service and the fact that they wrap all your presents for free. Oh, and they do have a large collection of Ravensburger puzzles and Pappo figures.
Do you have a favorite toy store? Does it take you back to your childhood? Or do you do your shopping mostly online?
Have a wonderful day,

Out of the Blue Toy Store

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