Going to DC

I am über exited we are going to DC next month. It will be just a small subset of us, and we are mostly going to attend my friend’s wedding. But we will stay a couple extra days to be tourists. I have been wanting to go to DC for a long time. I have been to all the major cities (New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle), but LA, DC, and Boston have been on my bucket list for some time. I can’t wait to see all the monuments and the White House in person. My husband said the art museum was great, so we will be going there. And I’ll be doing lots of shopping, too. Zara being in the top of my list. And I will eat my way through town, DC Cupcakes within walking distance from our hotel!!!
Have you been? Any must see or eat suggestions??
I can’t wait. Last time I left town was almost a year ago when we went to Durango, Colorado. This year is going to be a little more exiting in the trip department: DC in June and our anniversary trip in the fall. I can’t wait to take you all with me via Instagram…:) At least that is how I travel when I am at home.
Have a great weekend,
PS Even though I am a little more homebound these days, I have actually been to a LOT of cool places in my life. Largely because I grew up in Europe. And, because in my previous life, when I was young and crazy, I hitch hiked through the entire United States (don’t try this at home!). You can find most of the places I have been to on my Pinterest board.

Going to DC

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