Benetton Kids Summer 2014


It has gotten pretty warm over here and my mind is already in summer mode. When you think of summer vacation, what comes to mind? A national park, a road trip, or maybe the beach? For me two places remind me of my childhood summers: a working farm in Bavaria or the Adriatic coast. The Italian company Benetton picked a lake location for their summer shoot. I imagine this lake is somewhere in Italy or Switzerland.  Anyway it transported me back to my cousin’s husband taking me out on a similar boat once when I was the same age as these kids. It felt pretty special.

summer14_kid_03 summer14_kid_04 summer14_kid_07 summer14_kid_08 summer14_kid_09 summer14_kid_012Benetton is known for their bright, fun colors. I would like the blue striped shirt for my 10 year old son. The embroidered sleeveless top with the turquoise skirt is darling.

You can find last year’s spring collection here.

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Benetton Kids Summer 2014

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