New Photo Shoot

Last weekend I went to Socorro, a small town in New Mexico. We lived there for 3 years while my husband was going to grad school. This catholic church is my favorite building in town, and we have done family shoots here before. This time I did not have a lot of time, as I was on my way to a wedding shower. Also the church was being cleaned on the outside, and only two of my girls were willing to let me take their picture. As we were taking pictures we were dodging the water hose…Keeping it real my friends! Still I love how they turned out.

tasha church.jpgsocorro church.jpgsocorro church edited.jpg
socorro church 2 with filter.jpgIMG_9113Tasha is wearing a dress from Mimi and Maggie.

I took the pictures with my Canon and I used Picture Monkey to edit them.




New Photo Shoot

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