Durango, Colorado

Friends, it has been a fun filled week for us. We drove up to Durango on Sunday and came back Monday. It was a quick trip, we didn’t do much beyond shopping on Main Street, but I scouted some fun things to do next time we bring the kids.

IMG_7470Durango was originally a mining town. The town has successfully preserved the architecture on main street. They kept most chain stores (I only saw one Subway and one Starbucks) out of the downtown area and filled main street with fun local shops, galleries, restaurants, and hotels. Below is one of the two old hotels in town. I would love to stay here if it is just me and the husband coming up.


During this trip we “only” had 3 kids with us. This made it a lot easier logistically. Main street has just the right length a 5 year old can  easily walk, and just enough toy and candy shops along the way to keep them occupied. Located on Main Street is also a visitor center that can answer any questions you might have. Below is my husband with the kids, while I juggled my coffee and my camera…IMG_7486 IMG_7492 IMG_7482

Love the hills all around down town.IMG_7494 IMG_7496

Durango has spent 1 million dollars on art installations around town. The horse below were probably the most expensive ones of the collection. Just the right sizes for the girls…


At the end of Main Street is the train depot. It is here where the famous Durango/Silverton train leaves in the morning. We were hoping to enjoy the scenic train ride through the mountains but two things deterred us this time: its an all day affair and it costs quite a bit of money. Hopefully next time. The train depot also has a museum, another fun thing to do for the kids.IMG_7520 IMG_7566

Here are two activities I will put on my itinerary for next time.

1. The Durango Mountain Resort offers:

  •  Alpine slide
  • Rock climbing
  • Zip Lines
  • Mini Golf
  • and much more

2. The Mesa Verde National Park

Make sure you have enough time for this. Although the park entrance is only about 30 miles outside of town, it is another 20 miles to get to the ruins.

All in all Durango seems really kid friendly and a great destination for all ages. There is hiking, mountain biking, rafting, horse back riding, and rock climbing for the older ones. These are the just the summer activities; Durango is a great ski destination in winter.

Have a lovely day,


Durango, Colorado

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