When the Church is the Church




I love it when the church does its job! In preparation for our missionary family coming back from the field this church has found a nice place to rent and completely furnished it in a matter of weeks. Furniture, bedding, lamps, dishes and food just kept pouring in. I took a picture of the dishes as my daughter and I put them in the cabinet.  So pretty.

This family has lived pretty isolated in a country (I cannot name here) for 7 years. This country would not give out visas for family and friends to visit, and it was the last place on earth you ever wanted to visit, I’m not kidding. After 7 years of faithfully serving in that country they got kicked out. The husband had to leave right away, the wife was allowed to stay a little longer to tie up loose ends. Pretty traumatic to be told you have to leave and never come back. Especially for their youngest child for whom this country is home. Would you pray with us for a year of rest and peace as they process the last 7 years and deal with culture shock?

On another note I won’t be posting next week. I’m taking the week off as we will be traveling and then entertaining visitors.

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Have a lovely weekend, I will miss you!






When the Church is the Church

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