Tent Rocks: Family Hike


Tent Rocks is one of our family’s favorite places. It has all the right elements to make it a fun family outing: a 1.2 mile hike through a beautiful, otherworldly canyon, a challenging climb, and rewarding views at the top. We have gone with our kids ranging from baby to teenager and it was always very doable. For instance I typically carry the baby or toddler (whatever we had at the time) on my back, and my husband would assist/carry the second youngest. I would say kids aged 4 and older can pretty much most of the hike with some assistance. Be sure to bring lots of water especially between May and October (it gets hot once you are out of the canyon).

Here are some pictures I took when we went with friends last year.


We went in March. It was cool at the bottom of the trail, but once we were in the canyon it got warmer. So we left some of our jackets and hid them behind some trees. Below is our friend Jenna at the beginning of the trail. You don’t need special shoes, comfortable walking shoes will do.


Our older children typically run ahead and get to the top way ahead of us. The trail is pretty easy to follow, not many opportunities to get lost. However the last part is steep, so I suggest having kids 10 years or younger with an adult or a teenager.
IMG_5915 IMG_5920 IMG_5929

My two oldest making a rare appearance on the blog…IMG_5930 IMG_5955

The canyon is pretty narrow in places, so strollers don’t work.
IMG_5969 IMG_5972 IMG_5990 IMG_5998

Here is the top with miles and miles of views…IMG_6019 IMG_6025

Our friends, Craig and Jenna. Love the pose…

David with Tasha on his back hiking down. I’m not sure if there is a loop. We always come back down the same way we go up.


Lucille was 4 years old when we did this hike. She needed some assistance at times but did pretty well overall.

IMG_6038Tent Rocks is about 40 miles southwest of Santa Fe. You can find updated weather conditions and more info here.

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Tent Rocks: Family Hike

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