Neige Spring 2014

I’m always thrilled when I find out about a new to me US children’s brand. Neige was founded in 2004 and is based in Southern California. Here is their new spring line. The photo story was done for the online shop Ladida.

NeigeSS14_974-682x1024 NeigeSS14_657-682x1024 NeigeSS14_530-682x1024 NeigeSS14_732-682x1024 NeigeSS14_897-682x1024 NeigeSS14_340-682x1024

NeigeSS14_262jpg-1024x682I like the combination of fun prints with classy lines. The baby outfit with the bloomers is so sweet.

Have a great day,


All pictures taken by Gretchen Easton for

Via Smudgetikka 


Neige Spring 2014

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