how was your week? Ours has been busy with school. I can’t believe in two weeks we are already done with the first quarter. We have been working hard. That is probably why I haven’t posted much school related; I’ve been too busy “doing school”. Above is Shane working on spelling.

Above is my first grader Ella working on her reading.

Even the little crew is working. Above we have Lucille and Natasha at our home-school co-op. Natasha can barely reach the table, but she feels so big doing pre-school.

Recently we took a small break when we had an old friend visit us. He is a musician and came to Albuquerque to do a show. He might be the best hammer-dulcer player in the country. He and his friends did a concert right in our living room (above). I could get used to concerts in my house.

Here is my toddler styling.

Rain in the desert, always pretty.

Any plans for the weekend? Besides the usual shopping, church, exercise, we do have plans. My man is taking me to an October Fest tomorrow. I can’t wait to go on a date. I doesn’t happen often enough.

See you back here next week!



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