An Update on us


how was your week? How is everybody adjusting to their new school year? Our school is going really well- big sigh of relief! This time around last year was so challenging, I needed a year like this. Last year my two oldest started an online school and it took about 9 weeks to get used to it. That meant me spending about 4 hours each day with my then 6th grader, lots of frustration, tears, and how I am I supposed to do this?! Not fun! This year they both know what is expected and how to get it done on their own. Which gives me the time I need with my 4th, 2nd grader, and Kindergartner. Suffice it to say life is so much more manageable for me this year…

Finn, my 15 year old, also started a college class this year. We let him pick a class he is interested in to hopefully give him a positive experience the first time around. What makes this European mama immensely proud is that he uses public transportation to get to his class. I know if you live in other big cities, especially on the East Coast, public transportation is not a big deal, everyone uses it. Here in Albuquerque it is just an afterthought for the have nots. It is really important to me for my kids to rub shoulders with low income people, and also for them to be able to get places without mom shuttling them. You might remember me discussing this topic here.

Speaking of rubbing shoulders with the poor. Our church decided to collectively be involved with a middle school located in an immigrant, poor neighborhood of our city. I have been waiting for something like this for years, so glad our church is doing it! My husband will help out with their IT needs, tomorrow I will go along hiking with some of the students, and my hope is that my kids will be involved in some capacity as well. Finn is always explaining concepts to his younger siblings, he could totally tutor.


I don’t do a post on our family very often, but I think it is important. I always enjoy when other bloggers give updates on their family life.

Any big plans for the long weekend? We invited friends and will be busy cooking on Monday, so I might not post till Tuesday.

Have a lovely weekend!


Picture of Natasha taken in front my friend’s fabulous blue door.




An Update on us

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