My Baby Turned Two

Hello Friends,

Our baby turned two last weekend. It was a very sad day for me. I just don’t want here to grow up. It’s happening too fast. But we had a party anyway. And for the occasion we flew out a professional photographer to capture the memories. Or rather, we invited our friends, and she happened to bring her oh so nice camera. The party was low key. I didn’t have much time to prepare. The beautiful raspberry mouse chocolate cake came from Whole Foods. Usually my 11 year old bakes the cakes for our birthday, but she was too busy with school this week. We bought the cake, and my 11 year old decorated it with some cake toppings we had gotten donated from a friend. I thought it turned out pretty nice for being completely impromptu.

The Birthday girl had just gotten up from her nap, so she is still a little sleepy in some pictures. And she generally didn’t get what the fuss was all about.

Here I am cutting the cake. Between my friend and I’s kids, we have enough to make it look like a big party.

By now she has woken up and realizes there is some yummy cake coming her way.

Life is good.

Love the pictures. My house never looked so good. If you would like to see more of Emily’s work go here.

Have a wonderful day,


My Baby Turned Two

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