How is your week going? Mine is going well. With prospects of going to the Balloon Fiesta and celebrating our anniversary this week, it couldn’t be much better.

I thought I was done posting on children’s fashion for a while. But then I stumbled upon Annika. Best find on Pinterest last week for sure. I had some difficulty tracking down the source. As far as I can tell it is a South Korean company with a Swedish background. Not sure what I like more about it, the clothes, the props, or the fact that it takes me back to my own childhood.

Is this cute or what? The head scarves, the knee high socks, bloomers, and pea coat jackets. And the colors…I wouldn’t mind hanging out in this place all day.

While I keep drooling over these pictures you can find more on Pinterest or on their website

Stay tuned for pictures from the Balloon Fiesta (if the weather holds up).




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