Playing Outside

playing outside


Our state is breathing a huge sigh of relief. We have gotten enough rain to open up the forests and open spaces again. That opens up a lot more options were you can exercise. The weather has also been slightly cooler; I was able to turn of my air conditioner for the first time since June. Cooler weather also means the kids can spend more time outside. We have 14 children in our cul-de-sac. This summer they all have been outside and playing elaborate capture the flag games. Kind of reminds me of my childhood, you know the classic you-are-out-playing-all-day-and-come-in-only-for-meal-times? I am so blessed that my kids have friends in the neighborhood. It makes up for the fact that they really can’t visit other friends without me driving them. And this way they don’t realize that we haven’t gone on a long vacation either. I just need to stock up my bandage supply to keep up with the endless crashes.

How do you feel about your kids playing outside for hours and getting hurt in the process? When my 12 year old had a bad crash going down the hill on a homemade four wheel contraption my husband and I looked at each other and thought: that was nothing. We got hurt like that all the time it’s a miracle we are still alive. But all that has changed a lot hasn’t it? Kids are a lot more protected and sheltered today. Getting hurt is a big deal. We know at all times where our kids are.

It griefs me to think that my kids might not have that sense of discovery and exploration that we had.


P.S. The picture above is a rare shot, even my 15 year old came out to play…

Playing Outside

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