Rapberry Picking in Mora, New Mexico

We went Raspberry picking last weekend and we were surprised how much fun we had. Take a look.

Upon arriving you get a small bucket to collect the raspberries. You fill those and at the end they get weighed and you pay by the pound. We paid $6 per pound. Everybody gets a row assigned to pick their berries. We were shown how to properly pick the raspberries off the stems. Tasting is allowed; we tasted A LOT. picmonkey-collage-2

PicMonkey Collage-3.jpgimg_3409img_3447img_3386

After we were done picking we went to the store to pay for our 4 lb we had collected. There was a small shop that served raspberry sundaes. So good!!picmonkey-collageimg_3470img_5348IMG_3478.jpgIMG_3343.jpg

I recommend bringing bug spray and sunscreen.Which we forgot and paid for the next day.

Be sure to check Salman Raspberry Ranch’s website before you go, fields and stores are not always open. They update daily.

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Rapberry Picking in Mora, New Mexico

The High Road to Taos

In October my husband and I drove to Taos. You might remember that we have been to Taos quite a few times before in the summer. I was exited to see it in the fall with the leaves changing. Also, usually we drive up using the Low Road to Taos, which goes alongside the Rio Grande river. This time we decided to take the High Road. It is one of New Mexico’s scenic byways. It takes a lot longer and it is quite windy. Since in the past we have always come up with the kids who are prone to car sickness, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try it. It was our anniversary and we left the kids at home.

In Pojaque we took the 503 heading north (it is easy to miss this right turn, if you are heading towards Espanola you have missed it). Nambe was our first stop. My main goal was to take pictures of the Catholic Churches (which is kind of an obsession of mine, I love their architecture) and the views along the way.

Here are  pictures of the Sacred Heart Church in Nambe. This is not the prettiest of all the churches, keep going, it will get better…

IMG_1411 (1)

Sacred heart Church in Nambe, NM


The church is not original, it had to be rebuilt after a botched renovation. There is a pueblo nearby, which we did not drive to. We saw the church and then went on our way to Chimayo.

Chimayo is the highlight of the Road to Taos. Nestled in a beautifully green valley it is a town you want to linger in. There is a well known restaurant Rancho de Chimayo. There are also quaint weaving shops, below is Ortegas. Ortegas Weaving shop Chimayo, NMOrtegas Weaving Shop in Chimayo, NM

Right next to the weaving shop was a little museum with a cute little orchard.IMG_1443

The church Santurio de Chimayo, built between 1811 and 1816, is a pilgrimage site for thousands of visitors each year, especially on Good Friday. They were installing Christmas lights while were there. So cute!Catholic Church Santurio de Chimayo in NM

Santurio de Chimayo, NMSanturio de Chimayo doorCatholic Church Santurio de Chimayo in NM

The church is tiny, really, but so quaint and cute. I can see why it is so popular. There are a lot of touristy shops around it, but this Trading Post caught my eye.

trading post in chimayo, nm

Between Chimayo and Cordova the views become quite breathtaking.

IMG_1483High Road to Taos, CordovaIMG_1488IMG_1490.jpg

We kept driving and did not stop until Las Trampas, which also has a cute little church San Jose de Garcia, completed in 1776.

San Jose de Garcia Church in Trampas, NMSan Jose de Garcia, built 1776.jpg

My ever so patient husband rolled with it, stopping every couple of miles so I could take pictures. He is a keeper! We realized this trip that we both really like road trips. He likes driving and I like to take pictures. We promised ourselves we would do it more often.


After Trampas we headed towards Chamisal, which was quite enchanting with its golden colors. With my telescopic lense I took these pictures, which turned out to be my favorite.


We kept going to Sipapu, but there was only the ski resort there, nothing too spectacular.

The plan was to end this post with pictures from the famous church San Francisco de Asis in Taos. However we got to hungry, had lunch in Taos, and then forgot to go back to it. 😦

I came back the next summer, so these pictures have a different light to them.

san francisco de asis mission church, taos.jpg

san francisco de asis mission church in taos, nmIMG_3080


That night we ate at a restaurant that also happens to be an old adobe church:

The Love Apple: Seasonal, fresh harvested, delicious, and so romantic!

the love apple, taos.jpgThe Love Apple Restaurant in Taos, NM.jpgIMG_3483.jpgIMG_3488

I hope you enjoyed coming along on this trip. Another reason to make New Mexico your destination.

Have a lovely day,


All pictures taken by Sofija Burton except for the one in Trampas. David Burton took the one that has me in it.



The High Road to Taos



How was your weekend? Is it getting colder where you live or is it still in the 80’s like in New Mexico? I don’t know why, but every fall I feel like I should be riding my bike. Maybe it is because I rode my bike to school growing up. In my mind bikes, blankets, and hot coffee all go perfectly together. Here are some of my favorite bike pins.

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And here is what it would look like if I took my whole crew out for a spin. Impressive, right?7422629250_e0555db997You can find all my bike pins here.

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Playing Outside

playing outside


Our state is breathing a huge sigh of relief. We have gotten enough rain to open up the forests and open spaces again. That opens up a lot more options were you can exercise. The weather has also been slightly cooler; I was able to turn of my air conditioner for the first time since June. Cooler weather also means the kids can spend more time outside. We have 14 children in our cul-de-sac. This summer they all have been outside and playing elaborate capture the flag games. Kind of reminds me of my childhood, you know the classic you-are-out-playing-all-day-and-come-in-only-for-meal-times? I am so blessed that my kids have friends in the neighborhood. It makes up for the fact that they really can’t visit other friends without me driving them. And this way they don’t realize that we haven’t gone on a long vacation either. I just need to stock up my bandage supply to keep up with the endless crashes.

How do you feel about your kids playing outside for hours and getting hurt in the process? When my 12 year old had a bad crash going down the hill on a homemade four wheel contraption my husband and I looked at each other and thought: that was nothing. We got hurt like that all the time it’s a miracle we are still alive. But all that has changed a lot hasn’t it? Kids are a lot more protected and sheltered today. Getting hurt is a big deal. We know at all times where our kids are.

It griefs me to think that my kids might not have that sense of discovery and exploration that we had.


P.S. The picture above is a rare shot, even my 15 year old came out to play…

Playing Outside

City of Rocks


My two oldest camped here last weekend. Our friends took them but it was organized by our local American Heritage Girls and Cub Scouts groups. City of Rocks State Park can be found in southern New Mexico near Silver City in the Gila Wilderness. Take a look.


Apparently the rocks where formed by a volcanic eruption a long time ago. This is a great place to visit for all ages. The girls had a lot of fun jumping from rock to rock.

My 11 year old daughter is the designated photographer for her troop. This girl can shoot some pictures!! She used her I pod touch.

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City of Rocks

Tent Rocks


Have you ever wanted to be transported to a different planet? A place so surreal and completely different from what you know as earth? You might want to try Tent Rocks, tucked away in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico. You will feel like you have just stepped off this planet.

Tent Rocks 2

IMG_5979IMG_5974IMG_6012 IMG_6010 IMG_6012IMG_6014

Tent Rocks

What do you think? Have you been to a place like this? You can find more information how these rocks formed here.

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Tent Rocks

Family Mountain Biking Outside of Albuquerque


We like to Mountain Bike. That is, my husband loves it and he is getting us slowly into it, as well. Last week we all piled up in the car and went to the East Mountains, outside of Albuquerque to go for a ride. It was a rather spontaneous thing, so I was surprised that our 6 kiddos could have fun without the usual snacks, gear, extra clothes, etc. Take a look:

We put as many bikes as we could fit on the bike rack (everyone except the baby had a bike), and the rest we piled in the trunk of our suburban.

David and I took the 4, 6, and 8 year old on the bike path. While my two oldest stayed back to watch the baby. The baby is almost 2 years old, but we call her the baby, and probably always will…My 4 year old can’t really ride yet, so we put her on a scoot, the kind of bike that does not have pedals.

She got tired pretty quickly going uphill on her scoot, so she decided to take a rest and do a pine cone dance.

Here is my man in action after the younger kids were done and heading back to the parking lot.

Natasha had a great time walking around the picnic area with no one stopping her.

Lucille taking a much needed rest after her 10 minute bike ride.

At the picnic area I wanted to shoot some action shots of my husband jumping off a ledge on his bike. This turned into everybody jumping off and having a really fun time.

I think we are on our way to becoming a mountain bike family. I so hoped we could find a sport that we can all enjoy on different levels, and this might be it.

So, if you are ever in the area, bring a bike!

Have a great day, I’ll see you back here soon with a kid’s fall fashion shoot I did with my friend. So exited to share it with you.


Family Mountain Biking Outside of Albuquerque