What my 5 Year Old is Wearing 2015

I have a new “What my Tashi is Wearing” post today. Little Tashi recently turned 5, which was a very sad day for me, and ended our family’s 17 years of living with children under the age of 5. It was a big deal. She had THREE separate parties to celebrate!!

Little Tashi is a delight to be with. The whole family realizes she got an extra dose of cuteness and we all adore her. She is also very empathetic and sweet. She is convinced her mama should never go alone anywhere; thus she accompanies me to the most boring places, the grocery store, the pool, the nail salon. All the while being patient and cute.

Currently her favorite things are Lalaloopsies and playing Subway Surfers on my ipad.

Here we go, outfit 1:

outfit 1

Pants: H&M

Shoes: the Gap

Socks: Gymboree

Top: H&M

Poncho: hand me down


The next one has her and her friend in a serious light saber battle (so I was told).

Outfit 2:

outfit 2

Dress: hand me down (originally from Crazy 8)

Socks: Gymboree

Shoes: Hello Kitty Crocs

I’m pretty sure her friend is wearing a Tea dress.

Outfit 3 (where her brother makes an appearance):

outfit 3

Dress: thrifted (originally from Hanna Andersson)

Socks: hand me down

Shoes: Naartijie

Vest: Old Navy


Outfit 4:

outfit 4

Dress: Tea Clothing

Leggins: Old Navy

Shoes: Naartijie

And outfit 5 (with big sister):

outfit number 5

Dress: Tea Clothing (hand me down from Lucy)

Pants: H&M

Socks: Gymboree

Shoes: the Gap

Scarf: H&M

Lalaloopsies: Target

That is all I have. Outfit number 4 is my favorite and we used it in our recent family photo shoot. Pictures coming soon.

Have a lovely day,


What my 5 Year Old is Wearing 2015

Tea Collection Early Spring 2014

I noticed I have been featuring a lot of European labels in the last six months. I’d like to remedy that since there are a lot of good American labels out there. Tea is one brand I tend to buy a lot. Take a look at their Moroccan spring collection.

tea collection spring 2014 tea collection spring 2014, 2 tea collection spring 2014, 3 tea collection spring 2014, 4 tea collection spring 2014, 5 tea collection spring 2014, 6 tea collection spring 2014, 7


Fun fact: for everyone of their collection Tea company travels to a new country to get inspired. For this one they captured the vibrant colors, textures, and patterns of Marrakech. The blue dress in the last picture and the zigzag leggings are my favorite. As a mom of  a daughter  with sensory issues I am so grateful for comfortable, loose fitting clothing options.

You can find a really fun photo shoot Emily and I did with our kids all dressed in Tea here and here.

Have a lovely day,


Tea Collection Early Spring 2014

What My Two Year Old is Wearing this Spring Continued

Hi there,

How is your week going? This is our last week of school. As we are trying to finish up we are also taking turns being sick. Not a fun thing in a family of 8. Any illness takes weeks to cycle through us. Still I manged to take pictures of a few more outfits of my two year old. You might recall the first 4 outfits I did a couple of weeks ago. I hope you are enjoying this as much as I do. Here we go.

Outfit #5:

outfit #6

Jumper by H&M. I bought it during my last year’s visit in Germany. Necklace from World Market.

Outfit #6:

outfit #7

Top from the Tea company. One of my favorite kid’s clothing companies. They design clothes with my girls in mind: stylish, comfy, and soft. I did a photo shoot with my friend last year with our kids wearing all Tea clothing. Shorts are from Target. Mary Jane shoes are thrifted.

And lastly outfit #7:

outfit #5

Yellow jeans from the Gap. Blouse from Old Navy. Socks from Polo. Sock Monkey from Target.

This little two year old is so much fun! Great news, outfit No. 5 and 7 have been featured in Babiekins magazine here.

Have a great day,


What My Two Year Old is Wearing this Spring Continued

Tea Collection: School Aged Kids

Here is the second part of the Tea clothing photo shoot my friend Emily and I did with our kids. First we have my friend’s  8 year old Eirik. He is all boy. On most days you can find him catching lizards, digging in the mud, riding his bike, and pouring over field guides. He is wearing Tea tops, not sure where the jeans are from. The snake top is my favorite, because it is so him.

Next we have my 6 year old Ella on the left, Siri in the middle, and Hanna on the right. Hanna, and Siri are my friend’s daughters. I don’t have a any Tea clothing size 6 for Ella, so she is wearing a dress size 4. Tea clothing is so versatile, you can use them as dresses or as long tops over leggings, thus giving them a longer life. We layered with a cardigan from Next, to make the outfit more suited for fall. Her clogs are from Gymboree. Siri in the middle is wearing a top and skirt from Tea.The skirt is from 2 years ago. Hanna is wearing a complete Tea outfit from the Asia collection last year.

The stuffed animal the girls are holding is a pig from “If you Give a Pig a Pancake”. It goes everywhere Ella goes, so naturally it made it into the shoot.

My two year old Natasha wriggled her way into the shot. She is wearing a tea dress from last year.

Next we have Siri with her little sister Aida. Siri’s top is one of my favorites, from the Eastern European collection two years ago. Aida is wearing a Tea dress purchase in January.

This concludes our photo shoot. This was so much fun, I hope to do it again. You can find the first photo shoot we did with the little ones here.

Have a great weekend!


Tea Collection: School Aged Kids

Tea Collection Fashion Shoot: Pre-School and Toddlers


I’m so exited to share a recent project my friend Emily and I did. She and I both really like buying children’s clothes from an American company called “Tea”. Their clothes are so comfy and timeless. Between the two of us we have 10 kids, so we both have acquired quite a collection. I thought it would be fun to do a photo shoot to introduce you. Emily set up the the shoot, we dressed the kids up, gave them some toys to play with, and my friend started clicking away. I must warn you, this is cuteness overload….

Above we have Emily’s  little 17 month old Aida in a Tea dress purchased in January. My  23 month old Natasha is sporting a Tea top from last fall. Her pants are from Carters, and the shoes are from the Children’s Place.

This is my favorite shot of Natasha holding on to that monkey. The monkey really belongs to my husband. Really. Purchased at Target.

Here is my 4 year old Lucille with the monkey. Her grey Tea top is actually a size 2T  purchased this summer. I’m pretty sure this won’t fit Natasha for some time to come, so Lucille might as well enjoy it for a while. Her pants are from Nano, the ballet flat from Gymboree, and the pink hoodie  from REI.

Here she is waiting for the monkey, she threw in the air, to come back down.

This is the pose she has been practicing for the photo shoot.

I bought this Tea top last fall size 3. So it is a little small but still works. The great thing about these tops is that you can wear them as dresses or as long sleeve tops over leggings. They have a longer life that way.

Ha, little Aida got a hold of the monkey. Her Tea dress was purchased in January. Aren’t her red shoes adorable? I wouldn’t mind owning a pair myself. Natasha’s top was bought last year.

Here is 3 year old Hanna on the right with an complete tea outfit. The pants match a lot of tops; we own a pair, too.

On Hanna: Tea outfit and Hanna Anderson clogs. Lucille’s Tea outfit was purchased last year.

This concludes the pre-school toddler session. I’ll be back next with some outfits for school aged kids. Stay tuned.


Tea Collection Fashion Shoot: Pre-School and Toddlers