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I had to share these pictures with you, also by Misha Lulu. They speak to me on so many levels. Growing up in Germany fairy tales were a big part of my life. The images beautifully blend the sense of wonder, playfulness, and discovery. Enjoy!

I think I told you that I bought a red cape for my 6 year old? It will be perfect for creating the Little Red Riding Hood look. My favorite is the Little Red Riding Hood t-shirt in the first and second picture.

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Tea Collection: School Aged Kids

Here is the second part of the Tea clothing photo shoot my friend Emily and I did with our kids. First we have my friend’s  8 year old Eirik. He is all boy. On most days you can find him catching lizards, digging in the mud, riding his bike, and pouring over field guides. He is wearing Tea tops, not sure where the jeans are from. The snake top is my favorite, because it is so him.

Next we have my 6 year old Ella on the left, Siri in the middle, and Hanna on the right. Hanna, and Siri are my friend’s daughters. I don’t have a any Tea clothing size 6 for Ella, so she is wearing a dress size 4. Tea clothing is so versatile, you can use them as dresses or as long tops over leggings, thus giving them a longer life. We layered with a cardigan from Next, to make the outfit more suited for fall. Her clogs are from Gymboree. Siri in the middle is wearing a top and skirt from Tea.The skirt is from 2 years ago. Hanna is wearing a complete Tea outfit from the Asia collection last year.

The stuffed animal the girls are holding is a pig from “If you Give a Pig a Pancake”. It goes everywhere Ella goes, so naturally it made it into the shoot.

My two year old Natasha wriggled her way into the shot. She is wearing a tea dress from last year.

Next we have Siri with her little sister Aida. Siri’s top is one of my favorites, from the Eastern European collection two years ago. Aida is wearing a Tea dress purchase in January.

This concludes our photo shoot. This was so much fun, I hope to do it again. You can find the first photo shoot we did with the little ones here.

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Tea Collection: School Aged Kids