Tea Collection Early Spring 2014

I noticed I have been featuring a lot of European labels in the last six months. I’d like to remedy that since there are a lot of good American labels out there. Tea is one brand I tend to buy a lot. Take a look at their Moroccan spring collection.

tea collection spring 2014 tea collection spring 2014, 2 tea collection spring 2014, 3 tea collection spring 2014, 4 tea collection spring 2014, 5 tea collection spring 2014, 6 tea collection spring 2014, 7


Fun fact: for everyone of their collection Tea company travels to a new country to get inspired. For this one they captured the vibrant colors, textures, and patterns of Marrakech. The blue dress in the last picture and the zigzag leggings are my favorite. As a mom of  a daughter  with sensory issues I am so grateful for comfortable, loose fitting clothing options.

You can find a really fun photo shoot Emily and I did with our kids all dressed in Tea here and here.

Have a lovely day,


Tea Collection Early Spring 2014

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