Poppy England Fall/Winter 2013


Children’s fashion to me is as much about the art and creativity as it is about the clothes. Kids are so fun and natural; I find that you can be much more creative with them. With kids you don’t have to take yourself so serious. Poppy England is a perfect example.  Their shoot is fun and quirky and has a story book feel to it. In fact each dress comes with a book about Poppy and Fred’s chocolate shop. The story is also written on the hem of the dresses. How cool is that?!

Take a look.

Poppy-fall-2013-7 Poppy-fall-2013 Poppy-fall-2013-4 Poppy-fall-2013-9 Poppy-fall-2013-3 Poppy-fall-2013-5 Poppy-fall-2013-6


I love how they wrapped the entire shop in brown paper. The make up is too cute! I like how they combined the printed dresses with striped leggings. The yellow tutu in the 4th picture is my favorite.

What do you think? Does this make you want to do your own photo shoot, or is it too much?

Have a great weekend, I can’t wait to see you back here on Monday!



All photos from Poppy England

Pictures found via Smudgetikka



Poppy England Fall/Winter 2013

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