What My Three Year Old is Wearing this Fall

Do you remember the posts I did last spring with Tasha wearing various outfits? I had so much fun doing it I decided to do a fall edition as well. This time she is mostly wearing hand me downs or items I purchased last year. Here we go…


fall outfit number 1


Pants: Gymboree (purchased last year)

Top: Gymboree (hand me down from big sister)

Vest: thrifted but originally from Calvin Klein

Boots: Gymboree (hand me down from big sister)

Kitty: American Girl


Outfit #2
Fall outfit number 2

Fur Vest: Target (purchased last year)

Top: Thrifted

Tights: Hand me downs but originally from Children’s Place

Shoes: Hand me downs but also from the Children’s Place

Shorts: Target

Outfit #3 is featuring Lucille. She really wanted to get in on this photo shoot. Don’t ask me what we went through to get this girl dressed that day….
Lucille's fall outfit number 1


On Lucille:

Top: the Gap (bought in spring)

Skirt: Mimi and Maggie

Shoes: Naartjie (bought last year)

Jacket: Gap (hand me down from the cousins)


Outfit #4 is also featuring spider girl who made an appearance and was not so nice. Thus the sad face….
outfit number 3


Dress: Gap (bought last spring)

Tights: Gymboree (bought last year)

Boots: Gymboree


Outfit #5
fall outfit number 5Top: H&M (bought awhile ago)

Pants: Gap

Socks: Polo

Converse Shoes: hand me downs from the cousins


Have a lovely day,



What My Three Year Old is Wearing this Fall

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