This Weekend


How was your week? Did you get a fall break? I took this week off and spend most of my time  going through a ginormous amount of girl’s clothes. But now it’s done! Everyone has warm winter clothes in their closets.

Now I’m looking forward to this weekend. Should be lots of fun. Friends are staying over for one night and tomorrow is our anniversary. We don’t have big plans. Maybe drive up to Santa Fe and get something good to eat.  Santa Fe is such a cool city, it doesn’t really matter what you do there.

How about you, any big plans? If you live in the city are you heading to the balloon fiesta? I took the picture above two years ago, when the balloons flew above our house and landed nearby. My husband immediately loaded up the kids to chase the balloons and help them after landing. I love that man!

I better get the guest room ready…

Have a great weekend,




This Weekend

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