Our VW Bus Christmas Photo Shoot

burton christmas bus

Last week I posted the pictures from our recent photo shoot with Emily. Here is the Christmas version.

getting the bus readywreath and presentsVW christmas busburton christmas bus -3burton christmas bus-4vw detail

For the bus I used a banner I made a couple of years ago. The presents are just empty boxes I wrapped in the same paper as in this photo shoot. I bought a roll at Costco years ago and it just doesn’t seem to be running out. The wreath I made out of styrofoam, yarn, and I watched a pompon tutorial on Youtube. I had no idea the wreath would fit perfectly over the VW logo. Nice surprise! Our friend Jon met us at the location with his bus.

Merry Christmas!


All pictures taken by Emily Mulder

Styling and Art Direction by me


Our VW Bus Christmas Photo Shoot

Family Photo Shoot


How are you? Are you enjoying holiday preparations, or are you overwhelmed? It has been super busy for us, my oldest son had a few very important deadlines, but overall I am not overwhelmed. The predominant feeling I have is thankfulness. This time last year my husband slipped with his bicycle on some ice on his way to work. After I took him to the hospital he ended up having hip surgery that same night. It was the week when my oldest son had his finals and most of our kids were sick with a stomach flu. I’m not sure how, but Finn managed to take care of all of his siblings and finish his finals well, while I was driving to and from the hospital. The week was very dark and surreal, but the help of Finn and lots of friends got us through it. This year I am just so thankful we are all together in one piece. And since Finn will be graduating in May it seems like an era is coming to an end. I felt the huge need to document this moment in our lives and was so thrilled when Emily said she would take time out of her busy life and do the shoot.

burton beatles walk


For the next pictures I asked our good friend Jon if he would let us use his VW bus.

picture for printsall of us and the busbus drivingthe kiss.jpg

Playing in the bus was the most fun the kids have ever had at our photo shoots.

lucy in the busshane and ella on top of the bus

I am so pleased how these pictures turned out. We did a lot during this shoot: Finn’s senior pictures, our Christmas pictures, and a few really fun ones of just the girls. Oh, and a short time-lapse movie, as well. I will be posting more soon.

Have a fun day,


All pictures taken by Emily Mulder. VW bus on loan by Jon Shodean.




Family Photo Shoot

What my 5 Year Old is Wearing 2015

I have a new “What my Tashi is Wearing” post today. Little Tashi recently turned 5, which was a very sad day for me, and ended our family’s 17 years of living with children under the age of 5. It was a big deal. She had THREE separate parties to celebrate!!

Little Tashi is a delight to be with. The whole family realizes she got an extra dose of cuteness and we all adore her. She is also very empathetic and sweet. She is convinced her mama should never go alone anywhere; thus she accompanies me to the most boring places, the grocery store, the pool, the nail salon. All the while being patient and cute.

Currently her favorite things are Lalaloopsies and playing Subway Surfers on my ipad.

Here we go, outfit 1:

outfit 1

Pants: H&M

Shoes: the Gap

Socks: Gymboree

Top: H&M

Poncho: hand me down


The next one has her and her friend in a serious light saber battle (so I was told).

Outfit 2:

outfit 2

Dress: hand me down (originally from Crazy 8)

Socks: Gymboree

Shoes: Hello Kitty Crocs

I’m pretty sure her friend is wearing a Tea dress.

Outfit 3 (where her brother makes an appearance):

outfit 3

Dress: thrifted (originally from Hanna Andersson)

Socks: hand me down

Shoes: Naartijie

Vest: Old Navy


Outfit 4:

outfit 4

Dress: Tea Clothing

Leggins: Old Navy

Shoes: Naartijie

And outfit 5 (with big sister):

outfit number 5

Dress: Tea Clothing (hand me down from Lucy)

Pants: H&M

Socks: Gymboree

Shoes: the Gap

Scarf: H&M

Lalaloopsies: Target

That is all I have. Outfit number 4 is my favorite and we used it in our recent family photo shoot. Pictures coming soon.

Have a lovely day,


What my 5 Year Old is Wearing 2015

A Photo Shoot With Tashi

I have been working on a new “What My 5 Year Old is Wearing” shoot and I got some pictures that I won’t be using, yet they are pretty cute. This is Tashi when she is busy concentrating…


Whatever she was working on, it was very important!

Dress: Hanna Andersson (thrifted)

Vest: Old Navy

Shoes: Naartijie

Knee High Socks: Hand me downs


Have a lovely day,




A Photo Shoot With Tashi

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

We cooked for hours, then ate ourselves into a state of food coma and woke up just in time to eat pie. My daughter took some pictures for her photography class documenting the day. Not sure what the assignment was…” A Day with the Crazies”?


I’m thinking she should take over my blog…

I’m loving Mr. B’s new apron.

Have a lovely day,


All pictures taken by Esther Burton

Happy Thanksgiving

The High Road to Taos

In October my husband and I drove to Taos. You might remember that we have been to Taos quite a few times before in the summer. I was exited to see it in the fall with the leaves changing. Also, usually we drive up using the Low Road to Taos, which goes alongside the Rio Grande river. This time we decided to take the High Road. It is one of New Mexico’s scenic byways. It takes a lot longer and it is quite windy. Since in the past we have always come up with the kids who are prone to car sickness, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try it. It was our anniversary and we left the kids at home.

In Pojaque we took the 503 heading north (it is easy to miss this right turn, if you are heading towards Espanola you have missed it). Nambe was our first stop. My main goal was to take pictures of the Catholic Churches (which is kind of an obsession of mine, I love their architecture) and the views along the way.

Here are  pictures of the Sacred Heart Church in Nambe. This is not the prettiest of all the churches, keep going, it will get better…

IMG_1411 (1)

Sacred heart Church in Nambe, NM


The church is not original, it had to be rebuilt after a botched renovation. There is a pueblo nearby, which we did not drive to. We saw the church and then went on our way to Chimayo.

Chimayo is the highlight of the Road to Taos. Nestled in a beautifully green valley it is a town you want to linger in. There is a well known restaurant Rancho de Chimayo. There are also quaint weaving shops, below is Ortegas. Ortegas Weaving shop Chimayo, NMOrtegas Weaving Shop in Chimayo, NM

Right next to the weaving shop was a little museum with a cute little orchard.IMG_1443

The church Santurio de Chimayo, built between 1811 and 1816, is a pilgrimage site for thousands of visitors each year, especially on Good Friday. They were installing Christmas lights while were there. So cute!Catholic Church Santurio de Chimayo in NM

Santurio de Chimayo, NMSanturio de Chimayo doorCatholic Church Santurio de Chimayo in NM

The church is tiny, really, but so quaint and cute. I can see why it is so popular. There are a lot of touristy shops around it, but this Trading Post caught my eye.

trading post in chimayo, nm

Between Chimayo and Cordova the views become quite breathtaking.

IMG_1483High Road to Taos, CordovaIMG_1488IMG_1490.jpg

We kept driving and did not stop until Las Trampas, which also has a cute little church San Jose de Garcia, completed in 1776.

San Jose de Garcia Church in Trampas, NMSan Jose de Garcia, built 1776.jpg

My ever so patient husband rolled with it, stopping every couple of miles so I could take pictures. He is a keeper! We realized this trip that we both really like road trips. He likes driving and I like to take pictures. We promised ourselves we would do it more often.


After Trampas we headed towards Chamisal, which was quite enchanting with its golden colors. With my telescopic lense I took these pictures, which turned out to be my favorite.


We kept going to Sipapu, but there was only the ski resort there, nothing too spectacular.

The plan was to end this post with pictures from the famous church San Francisco de Asis in Taos. However we got to hungry, had lunch in Taos, and then forgot to go back to it. 😦

I came back the next summer, so these pictures have a different light to them.

san francisco de asis mission church, taos.jpg

san francisco de asis mission church in taos, nmIMG_3080


That night we ate at a restaurant that also happens to be an old adobe church:

The Love Apple: Seasonal, fresh harvested, delicious, and so romantic!

the love apple, taos.jpgThe Love Apple Restaurant in Taos, NM.jpgIMG_3483.jpgIMG_3488

I hope you enjoyed coming along on this trip. Another reason to make New Mexico your destination.

Have a lovely day,


All pictures taken by Sofija Burton except for the one in Trampas. David Burton took the one that has me in it.



The High Road to Taos

Halloween 2015


How are you? Have you recovered from yesterday? Harry Potter below slept in till 11, a record. Everybody is in a daze recovering, and examining their candy collections like pirates after a raid. Here are some pictures from yesterday. IMG_3529 IMG_3524 IMG_1602

I’m pretty sure Harry Potter and Hermione have been way over done. But that wouldn’t stop Ella and Lucy. But how about this Greek Goddess in the last picture? She is my friend’s daughter and made the whole costume herself! She used felt for the leaf crown. Her sister, the monkey on the left, looked so different, no one recognized her.

My oldest daughter helped me out by doing her girl’s hair. Thank you, Esther!! She used spray paint on Harry Potter and Sleeping Beauty.

Have you seen the funny pictures on FB on how to examine your candy for hazardous materials? I though they were a joke, we have never had to do that in our neighborhoods. However Esther went to her friend’s neighborhood where she was drilled to check every piece of candy. Pieces that could have been tampered with (like lolly pops) were thrown out immediately. Apparently her friend had gotten sick before (we are not talking about overeating here). Wow, the world we live in…

It’s hard to believe October is over, we are 10 weeks into the school year, and the holidays are upon us. I feel like summer was just a couple of days ago.

Have a calm and relaxing day,


Halloween 2015

Instagram Crush: Mama_2thelittleones

It has been cold and rainy in New Mexico this week. A perfect time to introduce you to an Instagram account that is a daily inspiration to me:@mama_2thelittleones. This family has left the busy city life in Munich for a quieter life in the Bavarian Alps. Her pictures of her cute twins are magical and on a foggy day like this  I feel like I have stepped into a fairy tale.


On the twins:

The jackets: Traditional Bavarian clothes, a flea-market find (this alone would be reason enough to make a trip to Bavaria!)

Overalls: Red Creek Kids

Adorable Hats: Typically Red

Boots: Gea from Austria

How cute are these twins? They play outside every day dressed in the cutest outfits.

Fun fact, as a young child we would vacation in B&Bs that were also working farms near where this family lives. I have many fond memories of Lake Chiemsee and the mountains there. There is even a fairy tale theme park in that area. It really is magical.

My friend Emily and I did a Little Red Riding shoot a while ago with Ella. You can find it here.

Have a lovely day,


Photography by Esther Meinel. Used with permission.  You can find her IG account here and her blog here. Vielen Dank, Esther!

Instagram Crush: Mama_2thelittleones

Old Town Albuquerque Felipe de Neri Church

When my mom was visiting we went lots of places. I really wanted her to experience the rich Spanish and Native American mix of cultures here in New Mexico. It is so unique.

One of my favorite places to experience this culture is Old Town Albuquerque. Here is a photo shoot I did with my two youngest outside of San Felipe de Neri church right by the plaza.

IMG_3293 IMG_1322IMG_3139 IMG_1317 IMG_3137 IMG_1325 IMG_3291 IMG_1327

On Tasha:

Dress: from Mexico

Flower Headband: H&M

On Lucy:

Dress: Old Navy

Gosh I love taking pictures of these two. I have a lot more pictures from this summer to share, hopefully I’ll get around to posting them. School at our house is in full swing and this year I am giving it all my attention, which leaves me with very little time to be creative. But that is OK.

Have a lovely day,


Old Town Albuquerque Felipe de Neri Church