3 Tips for a Fun and Dynamic Family Picture


It’s November and chances are you are thinking about family pictures to put in your Christmas cards for the relatives. Last year my family did a photo shoot with the talented Emily Mulder from Lonely Mountain Photography. It was the first time I had used props in a family picture, and I really liked how much they added to the pictures. I had so much fun planning and thinking about it. I think the planning helped me keep the cost low. For instance when months earlier I happened to be at a store and see clothes on sale I would buy it with the photo shoot in mind. While I mostly used clothes we already owned (there are 8 of us and a whole new wardrobe was not in the budget), I wanted to find a stand out piece like the red cape on my then 6 year old. Here are some ideas to try to change your next photo session up a little bit.

1.  Use fun props



The theme I had in mind was our family delivering tons of presents. The wheel barrow came in handy and made a fun seat for the youngest. The presents I wrapped with a gigantic roll from Costco, very cheap.


2. Movement

teachwhereyouliveI like photos with movement. People walking, running, or throwing stuff in the air. It gives the photo a more natural feel.

3. Different perspective



Shoot from a child’s perspective, or maybe from above or below.

Most importantly have fun. Don’t worry about everybody looking perfect. You might have noticed that my youngest does not smile on any of the pictures. I kind of like that; it shows her personality. Don’t forget to reward your kids for being patient and doing a good job.

You can find last year’s post from the same photo shoot here and here.

Have a great next photo session,


All pictures by Lonely Mountain Photography. You may pin them or use them in your blog, but please credit the photographer and link back.



3 Tips for a Fun and Dynamic Family Picture

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