3 Tips for a Fun and Dynamic Family Picture


It’s November and chances are you are thinking about family pictures to put in your Christmas cards for the relatives. Last year my family did a photo shoot with the talented Emily Mulder from Lonely Mountain Photography. It was the first time I had used props in a family picture, and I really liked how much they added to the pictures. I had so much fun planning and thinking about it. I think the planning helped me keep the cost low. For instance when months earlier I happened to be at a store and see clothes on sale I would buy it with the photo shoot in mind. While I mostly used clothes we already owned (there are 8 of us and a whole new wardrobe was not in the budget), I wanted to find a stand out piece like the red cape on my then 6 year old. Here are some ideas to try to change your next photo session up a little bit.

1.  Use fun props



The theme I had in mind was our family delivering tons of presents. The wheel barrow came in handy and made a fun seat for the youngest. The presents I wrapped with a gigantic roll from Costco, very cheap.


2. Movement

teachwhereyouliveI like photos with movement. People walking, running, or throwing stuff in the air. It gives the photo a more natural feel.

3. Different perspective



Shoot from a child’s perspective, or maybe from above or below.

Most importantly have fun. Don’t worry about everybody looking perfect. You might have noticed that my youngest does not smile on any of the pictures. I kind of like that; it shows her personality. Don’t forget to reward your kids for being patient and doing a good job.

You can find last year’s post from the same photo shoot here and here.

Have a great next photo session,


All pictures by Lonely Mountain Photography. You may pin them or use them in your blog, but please credit the photographer and link back.



3 Tips for a Fun and Dynamic Family Picture

Family Pictures


while it is still summer and you are off on adventures it is not too soon to think about family photos for your Christmas cards. This is a good time to get your picture taken because everyone looks sun tanned and relaxed. Above are some ideas I found  for different settings. Very few of us can actually make it to the beach. Reality is, most of us are likely to stay in the city or in our back yards. But as you see, even there you can get fun shots.

Here are some pointers to make a picture look fun and well put together:

  • Pick 2-4 colors for your clothing and stick with those. Patterns are trickier to match, but it can be done (third picture).
  • Pick a fun prop.
  • Not everyone has to look at the camera. It looks more natural if one person is the center of attention.
  • Movement is fun.
  • You can add interest by limiting how much of a person you can see (top picture).

How about you, what are your pointers for family pictures? Do you like planning or do you do it on the fly?


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Family Pictures