Family Pictures


while it is still summer and you are off on adventures it is not too soon to think about family photos for your Christmas cards. This is a good time to get your picture taken because everyone looks sun tanned and relaxed. Above are some ideas I foundĀ  for different settings. Very few of us can actually make it to the beach. Reality is, most of us are likely to stay in the city or in our back yards. But as you see, even there you can get fun shots.

Here are some pointers to make a picture look fun and well put together:

  • Pick 2-4 colors for your clothing and stick with those. Patterns are trickier to match, but it can be done (third picture).
  • Pick a fun prop.
  • Not everyone has to look at the camera. It looks more natural if one person is the center of attention.
  • Movement is fun.
  • You can add interest by limiting how much of a person you can see (top picture).

How about you, what are your pointers for family pictures? Do you like planning or do you do it on the fly?


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Family Pictures