Halloween 2015


How are you? Have you recovered from yesterday? Harry Potter below slept in till 11, a record. Everybody is in a daze recovering, and examining their candy collections like pirates after a raid. Here are some pictures from yesterday. IMG_3529 IMG_3524 IMG_1602

I’m pretty sure Harry Potter and Hermione have been way over done. But that wouldn’t stop Ella and Lucy. But how about this Greek Goddess in the last picture? She is my friend’s daughter and made the whole costume herself! She used felt for the leaf crown. Her sister, the monkey on the left, looked so different, no one recognized her.

My oldest daughter helped me out by doing her girl’s hair. Thank you, Esther!! She used spray paint on Harry Potter and Sleeping Beauty.

Have you seen the funny pictures on FB on how to examine your candy for hazardous materials? I though they were a joke, we have never had to do that in our neighborhoods. However Esther went to her friend’s neighborhood where she was drilled to check every piece of candy. Pieces that could have been tampered with (like lolly pops) were thrown out immediately. Apparently her friend had gotten sick before (we are not talking about overeating here). Wow, the world we live in…

It’s hard to believe October is over, we are 10 weeks into the school year, and the holidays are upon us. I feel like summer was just a couple of days ago.

Have a calm and relaxing day,


Halloween 2015

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