Fall is in the Air


The air is getting crisp, and I am so exited fall is here. It is my favorite season. Probably because I grew up next to a forest. Here are some pictures I wanted to share with you, paired with the perfect outfits:

Fall happens to be my favorite season for fashion, as well.

Hope this gets you in the mood. Pinterest is great for that. I started a whole board just for fall pictures. Oh by the way, the first and last pictures were taken behind our house by my neighbor Emily. Enchanting, isn’t it?

Have a great day,


Sources: Top and bottom picture via Lonely Mountain Photography; second picture from the top: via Sunday Corssbow; 3rd pictures: via the.fashion.diary; 4th picture: via nemoi memo; second to last picture: via Indigo Crossing.

Fall is in the Air

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