friday grams


How was your week? Our week was kind of long. Still adjusting to this new (to us) online school we are doing. New things can be hard. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out if it’s good hard or bad hard. Tell me, have you encountered something hard lately? What did you do to make it easier? For me, it helps to take breaks, get out and have fun. Yesterday we were all overwhelmed with the school load. When it came time to get ready to go to the first home-school co-op (parents taking turns teaching classes) of the school year, no-one wanted to go. But we went, and it proved to be a welcome break, and a good time with old and new friends. It was refreshing.

Here are some pictures I took the last week:

My husband and I took our 4 year old shopping. It’s fun to just take one of the kids sometime. It is like a date.

I took the two youngest Antique shopping. That was quite a unique experience. You enter a world of long ago. The girls had fun sitting on kid’s rocking chairs, and playing with antique toys.

Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

See you here next week.


friday grams

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