Writing by Hand


Lately I have been drawn to fountain pens, handwritten letters, and simple desks that invite you to grab a pen and write. Since school started my two oldest have been doing a lot of their work on the computer. I appreciate all the cool things you can do, like taking a virtual tour of Ancient cave paintings for your history class. But it also makes me nostalgic for those simpler times when all one had was a fountain pen, desk,and paper. Maybe even handmade paper.

Well, I will keep pinning pictures of handwritten letters, leather journals, and antique looking pens. And maybe I will start writing my Christmas cards early. That is the one time a year you might get a handwritten letter from me.

Sources top to bottom: via debbiehodge.com; via roguemarch.tumblr.com; third picture taken by me at castle Ronneburg in Germany

Writing by Hand

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