Valentines Photo Shoot


It is February (thank God, January is my least favorite month) and some of you may be thinking of Valentines day. Do you celebrate it? My husband and I don’t really but for our kids it is a big deal.

This year I thought it would be fun to do a Valentines photo shoot. So I was super glad when Emily took time out of her week to come over on Friday to take pictures. I love how they turned out.

lonelymountainphotography-valentines, 2 lonelymountainphotography-valentines,3 lonelymountainphotography-valentines,4 lonelymountainphotography-valentines,5

My sweet mother-in-law had send us a Valentines package with matching blouses for the girls, so I asked them to join us.

lonelymountainphotography-valentines, 6 lonelymountainphotography-valentines,6 lonelymountainphotography-valentines,7 lonelymountainphotography-valentines, 8

Blanket: Ikea

Heart shaped light: Ikea (bought several years ago)

Balloons and xo banner: from the dollar section at Target

Tasha’s dress: Gap

Ella and Lucy’s blouses: Target

Ella’s leggings: Target

Have a lovely day,


Photography by Emily Mulder.

Valentines Photo Shoot

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